Hey everyone I hope you are having a wonderful day! I tried looking for specific answers to my questions but I couldn’t find any so I hope you guys can help out.
With taxes coming around the corner In needd some assistance on what to do exactly as this was my first year as a sole proprietor.

  1. What do I bring with me to my accountant when I go to their office? (Laptop, Receipts, Digital Receipts?)
  2. Can i track the total sales i made in one day or do i have to track each individual sale on its own?
  3. Do I track expenses that are not tax deductible???

If your Accountant, CPA, or Tax Preparer that KNOWS small business is not helping you prepare your documents, and more importantly, the things you can and need to deduct - then drop them like a bad employee and go in search of hiring someone who will WORK FOR YOU as you are paying for them to be on your payroll.
Crappy quality scan but good enough to read. ---->

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