Tcf v markate 2021

anyone switched from the customer factor to markate?

i have been using tcf since 2015 and it is very powerful but there are issues i am growing tired of. i have looked several times at a number of other options but they have been missing key features i get from tcf. markate seems interesting.

I’m in the same boat. My biggest issue is that it will not load or lags for prolonged periods of time. I think it may be because they have their own system/server and it is not in the cloud. My other softwares that I use are clud based and SO fast but TCF is oftne slow but when it’s functioning, wich is 95% of the time, it blows the features of other out of the water. trade offs, right?.

Yes often slow or impossible to logon. Photo upload distorting photos since 2019. No real support available.
I have been a long time fan and promotor but I grow weary.

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Jobber has never given me any issues

well it’s looking like tcf is still miles ahead.