TDS high count!

Ok so I got a residential job in a million dollar neighborhood and the homeowner wanted me to do outside only and her chandelier. Chandelier turned out perfect even though I had to hang out on a 12 ft A frame ladder for a couple hours. When I went to do the outside with my WFP, I tested the TDS and it was coming out of the pole at around 50ppm. It usually puts out around 10 or lower. I have an Eagle RO/DI battery cart. So i checked it at the hose and it was 350!!! What on earth!! I thought my TDS might have been off so I began on some windows and it was spotting of course. Anyone else run into this high count before? I checked two diff hoses. There was a hose connection near the hydrant but I forgot to check it to see what that count was. But it def isn’t well water. Maybe the city was flushing their pipes?!

Any ideas?!

The highest i had was 780ppm in my area town water. Some of the well water around me is about 130 - 190ppm

So how did your wfp react to the high tds count? what was the end result?


…and will that zap my DI sock?!

Check your TDS after your RO. You may need a new di sock.

The TDS out of the system was 350?

Do you have just one TDS meter? It might be shot. We have had this happen a number of times, and so now replace our TDS meters every year.

what is “tds”?

Total Dissolved Solids (minerals, etc in the water)

so TDS and PPM is the same thing?

TDS is measured in PPM…


so TDS and PPM is the same thing?[/QUOTE]

I checked the tds on other pure water and it tested fine. The tds of 350 was from the incoming garden hose. The only thing I can think of is maybe the water was channeling in the DI sock? I have only used that sock on maybe 8 or 10 houses. I am going to take the sock out and knead it around and see what kind of reading I get. Thanks!!

You have the ipc cart with the carbon and sediment filter also?

Yes. It’s the battery cart.

0 Tds after i had shaken the di cartridge

ive had tds level coming out of the house above 650, straight di took it dwn to 0, but burnt up my tanks fast. John lee is the man with any of this stuff. his word is gold.

I use the Ionic caddy system. Here in California we have chronic hard water. TDS is typically around 200-300 Tap. Well water is usually around 400 here. I have had readings as high as 550. NEVER A PROBLEM with this system! It can handle hard water for around 75,000 gallons before buying new cartridges. 1 carbon a year, 1 RO every 3 yrs., 2 DI cartridges. Rotate one out once a year! I run lots of DI. Both residential an commercial. This system is about the best there is on the market. Less expensive than the big trolley rigs too. It even stays in my small truck because it is a “lay down” style. Check it out, it is AWSOME!

Ok, so I had been transporting the cart on a little trailer and used it on jobs while still on its side. I figured maybe the DI was channeling. So I stood it up and ran it. No change. Then took the DI sock out and mixed the beads all around in the sock. Ran it…started getting 000 again! But I def need to get a new sock. It was my fault for not having one handy. Never make that mistake again! I’ll have to do more reearch on how to preserve the DI better. It burnt out way too fast! Especially with two RO filters!

Thank you all for your input!

My TDS reads my local water at or above 800, that’s just how it is in some areas. I have to use a 4 filter system but it works perfect, gets it to 000TDS.