TDS meter and WCR

I just got my handheld tds meter yesterday from WCR and I am impressed! Not necessarily w/ the meter (don’t get me wrong it’s great) but w/ the fact that I called Alex Friday and just ordered this little $20 item. He treated me just as if I had ordered a complete system. That kind of customer service and just plain being a nice guy attitude are what really what seperates them from the other suppliers. Add to this that I paid $20 total!! Any other supplier would have added shipping or not have taken the order because it didn’t meet their minimum. Way to go Guys keep up the good work!!

Thanks for the order Tony glad we could help!

If I’m not mistaken, WCR offers free shipping for AUWC members.

And I agree that Chris and Alex have great customer service and are nice guys.

Thanks for the kind words. My pleasure as always.

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