Tds Meter Tuesday #3



(US only) Sorry guys!
Good luck!

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TDS Meters - Water Fed Poles / Water Systems[/LEFT]

Orders placed before 12:00 pm would be shipped same day.

Orders placed before 2-3 pm sometimes even 4 are shipped the same day. We call 2 pm the official cut off time though.

Thanks for the input. Please keep them coming!

I knew that already, but it worked last week when someone submitted the “chat with a representative” idea that was already in place. So I figured maybe I had a shot this week.
Seriously though, you guys are great with shipping. I live in Maryland and my orders arrive the next day. Keep up the good work!!!

I’m excited to hear some suggestions guys and gals.

Throw em at us!

I love the Free shipping days you throw in from time to time and the fact that you have no minimum orders! Also the fact that you give away certain products w/ a set $$$ amount order each week.
When I combine those things in my head I come up w/ a free shipping minimum. At a $$$ amount you determine it to be worth free shipping or the weekly product. At a higher $$$ amount you get free shipping and the product.
Just a thought.

Just another thought on the free shipping - most people don’t know this, perhaps WCR already implements this but if you are doing a fair amount of shipping, it is always healthy to re-shop your prices. You would be surprised what UPS or FEDEX will do to earn and keep your business. So to piggy back Tony’s comment, FREE shipping is always a good deal, and you might be able to save some dime on your end by repricing your shipping service.

Another item to think about, I know you guys already price your items competitively, but how about offering a lifetime discount code of say 10%, then submit these coupon codes to various online coupon sites. Not only does it help with backlinks, but it might help close some first time purchases with new guys or startups who are checking different supply houses. You would be surprised how many people will buy from you because they are saving more $$$ with you than the other guy. And I know that once they order, they will be hooked.

Another variation you could promote is contractor pricing, ex: buy X amount with us and take X amount off all future orders. You can create custom discount codes per customer so that they aren’t shared or misused by other people/companies.

On a side note about the webstore - did you guys ever add an option to select NET 30 terms at the payment checkout? I always forget how to select NET30 with my orders so I just leave a comment in the box about it.

In addition to that - I might move your NET 30 offer to the front page of the webstore. Something along the lines of: BUY NOW - PAY LATER… you get the idea.

Look into a 1-800 toll free number. Some people are just used to doing business on the phone, but not on their dime. Perhaps your telephone company can look into this, and possibly track it for a 6 month period to see whether it is generating any interest. A toll free number gives the customer zero hesitation to pick up the phone and call.

Are you guys doing much with Google Adwords? It might be something to look into…

If you can’t tell, I don’t have any complaints, just suggestions for overall improvements, you guys are great!

I don’t have another supplier :slight_smile:

Honestly, I think your customer service is what will keep you above the rest. You are second to none (by a long shot) when it comes to customer service. And your prices are great, too.

If I had to think of something that I’d like to see is kinda along the same line as the “Chat with Chris” thing. I know that if we have a question, we can call, email, whatever and you’ll help us right away. But I think I remember you saying that someone could even see the product via webcam so that they could see if that product would work for them. I’d like to see a link that would alert you to the need of someone to view a product via webcam.

I know you guys want to constantly improve, but you are really the best already. And I guess the fact that you still want to improve says alot about you as a company!

I only buy from you guys, so this is a very selfish post… Frequent buyer discount! You know, every $200 spent and you get $15 off or something.

Also, it would be nice if when I went to the store from WCR, I would already be logged in. My password and username are the same, so…

Also, Also, It seems like WCR has something on sale every week… I want to know about it! Weekly e-mails on what’s on sale would get me going to the store more often.

Also,also,also, Have you guys ever thought about giving a WCR writing pad or a cheap pen with the orders? This was done for me before w/ another supplier and I thought it was a great idea.( I used it, in other words)

Either way, I’m loyal to the WCR store. You guys have everyone else trumped online, with the possible exception of CWC supply. Mainly 'cause they have sorbo and PW parts too.( I don’t PW anymore(or sorbo, for that matter), but the option available for some is nice)

Something I like when shopping is a seperate page for items on sale or hot/most popular items.

Thanks for the great ideas everyone and the kind words. We are still going strive to be your best/most helpful supplier out there.

Shawn, check your inbox! you win!!!

Thanks all.

Thanks Alex! Honestly though, you guys are awesome! Keep doing what you’re doing!