TDS Reading 100 after filter change

Has anyone ever had this problem?

Just changed RO membranes on IPC Eagle RODI-E cart because I was getting around 50-70 TDS reading; figured that it was time to change the RO (had the previous for around 4 years and never read higher than 12 the whole time). I changed the RO membranes and am now getting over 100 TDS! It even spiked to 170 at one point! Even after a few hours of flow from the Pure-Water-out and at least an hour backflush.

Anyone have any thoughts? Is the machine whack?

Ken sounds like you may have put the membrane in upside down. Check where the brine ring is on the membrane it should be at the top. If that is not the case can you check you waste water to pure water ratio. The manual will list what they should be. If you need a manual call me and I can send you one. If the balance is off it could be your valve is stuck or needs replacing. You can call, text or pm 24/7