TDS reading

Hi Guy’s
Can anyone give me a giude to the tds reading for Kansas USA?

Hello Jeff,

Are you looking for an average reading the the State of Kansas?

Yes only an average also for New York if possible?

I suppose California is chopped liver?

Anyone Please?

You should probably call the Geological Survey offices in both states fro the most accurate information.

Perhaps contact the following for possible information (Ionic Systems US used to have a US map with general TDS ranges):
Myron L Company –
HM Digital –
Water Quality Association –

OK guy’s thanks for the info, I was just looking for a general idea, I was trying to help some one in those states, nothing to do with wfp.

I’m into Airbrushing and a couple of guy’s on an AB forum were asking me if I knew there water quality because we mix our paints with pure water, we also wash our AB with pure water a couple of the guy’s were having trouble once they washed there air brush’s in tap water.

Thanks anyway.



Chris: Looks as though we need to add an Airbrush subforum. :smiley:

And why not Lol

I visit this web-site now and again because the artist is excellent, I came across this page some time back and thought you might like to see it, I for one think its a fantastic tribute to the heros of 911 and all done with the airbrush.

click on the thumbnails to enlarge them.