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Today I used my D/I tank for 8 hours. I have used it for a total of 10 hours. My TDS at my home is 85ppm. The TDS at a building I worked at today was 115ppm. My question is towards the end of the day I took a sample to see how pure my water was? It gave me a reading of 43 ppm.? At what point do I replace the resin in my D/I tank? Any help on this would be great because I still trying to learn the do’s and don’ts of using pure water. Also the building I worked on today used to take about 30 hours. It took me 8 hours today with the water fed poles and D/I tank.

I would change it around 5 to 7 PPM.

Did any of your windows spot at 43PPM?

I thought when you were using DI the TDS was to be below 14.

I rarely go above 010. Only if I’m running low on resin - & giving it a quick shake can get your tds down again for a short while.
Funnily enough I put 040 on the windows by mistake once sucking from contaminated barrels - it came up fine. But I wouldn’t do it again. It just contaminates your system & hoses at the same time. I always aim for 000, I think you will have less problems this way.

I stopped by there this morning and did not notice any major spotting. I know I am a new user and still trying to learn as I go. I shook my cylinder up and kept on going even though the numbers were high. I am assuming that I Just need to shake the cylinder up until I get the right numbers. Now I know not to let the water get above 10 ppm. Thanks guy’s for the help. Also would it be worth while to use or add a water treatment filter that goes in say a home water trreatment system to prefilter the water before it goes into my DI tank? Or would I be wasting my time and money doing that? Or should I just save my money and utilize my current DI with dditioal RO and antil scale and other filters?
Thanks again.

Being that your tds is that low, i dont think any pre filters would do you any good.

how much are you paying to regenerate your tank?

you might just want to buy a RO system

What about two cylinders in series?

In the pure water world 40 tds is still considered spot free water. I have run my DI as high as 40 tds, but my rule of thumb is 14 tds and change it. If you are using town water chances are there is chlorine in the water. Chlorine is mostly sodium and that kills DI rather fast I would suggest using a carbon block filter before your DI that should help make your DI last a little longer.

You are right I am using municiapal water. I shook the tank up really good today at the firehouse. Thats what karlosdaze had stated earllier. That brought my TDS back down to 001 ppm. I have not found a place as of yet to regereate/refill my DI tank here locally in Raleigh or Durahm. but I am sure that has got to be a place close by? I will keep doing google seaches for that. I may look at getting a carbon block filter to go in front of my DI cylinder. How much do they run? I have made up a sheet to help me keep up with the hours and TDS for my tank. For me if I don’t document something it becomes out of sight and out of mind. Also how long do think my tank will last before recharging? So far I have 10 hours on it total. the highest ppm in the water it has seen has been 115-118 ppm. I have to go to another town tomarrow and I will not know what the water quality will be until I get there. I have two smaller single story building to clean. It should not take me more than 5 hours tops?

Hey man, I just realized who you are. Mike, right? We met in Youngsville a few months ago. I didn’t recognize until you mentioned where you are and the firehouse, so I looked for the card you gave me.

You can lease tanks and swap them out at Eagle Water in Durham. It’s right off I-85 - Gimme a call with any questions - 919.744.4491

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We sure did. I also appreciate you letting me check out the new squeeges. My poor old brass and stainlees channels have been to hell and back. Hey thanks for the info. I assume you are using DI/RO water system. I have just broke down and discovered this and so far I like it. Rob I hope you are staying busy. I am trying to push myself to do a little more every day. I’ll give you a call in a day or so. I always have questions on how to do something better or to share something that I may have come across.
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Shaking the DI resin is a very short term cure, you would probably only get another hour out of your resin at most.

For some reason 040 tds doesn’t seem to like car glass, perhaps its the make-up - but you may get away with it on household glass windows.

Thanks for the info. I am going to have it regenerated if that is the case. The next job I have to do wil take me approxamately 2 hours. I think when that job is done I am going to get it changed out.

I think something is wrong here. If I understand what you are saying, then things seem weird.

  1. You used the DI system for 8 hours on the home.
  2. You used the DI system for a total of 10 hours to include the cleaning of the home. So someplace you used the system for 2 extra hours?
  3. Your TDS is in the 80’s. But the place you cleaned was 115.

From what I have read if this is correct, then I think something is wrong. Maybe some seasoned pro’s can help out here. But I have always been under the impression that with TDS that low, you should be getting more time out of your DI. I don’t know what your cost to replace is, but from my quotes it was $100 for every regen. From what you posted it looks like you will be going for a regen on every home. That’s is not what should be happening. You will be losing up to $100 on every job. If your DI was going that fast I would say go with RO/DI. My TDS is 85 and I can’t count how many times I have used my RO/DI machine since I got it 1 year ago. But it’s been allot. My TDS exiting the machine is still at 000. Rarely will I see it go to 001 and when it does, it drops back down after 1 or 2 minutes. Are you using very small tanks or something?

Here is a rough chart you can use:

tds chart —TDS—Gallons -

These figures are for a full cube Di tank… I believe he has a half cube so you would technically cut the #s in the right column in half.

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Hey Chris

my di tanks is like 10inches x 44inches tall. Do you know what size mine is?

That would be a full cube Doug.

ok, cool

fyi: i get about 500 gallons from my tanks with a tds ranging from 300 to 600

Sounds about right… how do you measure how many gallons your using?

From what I here DI is pretty cheap in So Cal… Whats your recharge plan?

I just estimate, my tank lasts me about 5 to six weeks, and i use it everyday.

my water company charges me $40.00 to regenerate/exchange my tank, that includes free delivery, can wcr price match that?? just kidding