TDS - you never know

I thought I had a pretty good idea of what the tds in my area would run. Since receiving my tds handheld I’ve been like a kid in a candy store. It seems I figured the local tds a bit high. The last several places I’ve done have ran less than half (120) what I expected (250). They have been from homes in two different counties and some rural while others were city homes. I guess it shows I tend to be a bit of a pessimist. Or as Alex would say a realist. :wink:

Generally we all encounter TDS of many different ranges due to the fact that we cover areas with different municipal water sources, wells, etc.

Its a good idea to keep checking as you work around town.

I misjudged mine also until I got my meter. I thought mine would be over 100, but it’s in the upper 80’s. But you know what they say about the man who thought? He thought he farted until he sat down. lol. You just never know. I was at a home today who had 75 psi coming out of the tap. Strange for most of my area. In the two counties I service I see an average psi of 45.

This is so true.

Few months back i was wfp’ing a gig…using the [B]hose bib on the wall[/B]. I decide to test my water and it read 645!

I had assumed the water was city as it was on a [B]wall[/B]! Wrong. They had the well plumbed to exit through this hose bib. Blew through a $50 regen in about 60 gallons.


It was the gig you helped me do yesterday.

So, what would you have done in that situation, brought your own water or charged more?

producing water at my house and bringing it has helped me quite a bit
my tds is high here in az my house is 480,and seen it as low as 360
I used to always check the tds when producing on site once my meter read
160 and I thought to myself “this is the best water going” until I read the meter more closely and it had a x sign in the corner which I am asuming it was a tds of 1600

I used to carry a 65 gallon water tank and on board DI plant.

I am now out of wfp work.

I’m confused didn’t you and Matt do some wfp work yesterday?:confused:

We did. We used his pole.

I sold mine a week back.

I am seriously down sizing.


One of the inusdtrial sites has soft zero tds only in the ladies toilet through the hot tap for their pretty handsso we used their hot water to clean the windows. Well worth testing the water

Here’s a scary one for you - I tested the tds at the big CCU we started today. They are using gray water for alot of things and evidently this includes the outside taps. It read 127 on my meter and I thought “that’s no to bad” until I saw the little x10 flashing in the corner!!:eek: That’s right not 127 but 1270 tds!!!:eek:

I did a house in the country a few years ago and I hooked up to a faucet on the side of the house. About an hour later the lady came out of the house and said “Don’t use that faucet! It draws from the pond down the hill!”

around here the water out of the canal is lower tds than the water coming from the tap