Tech talk

what gadgets do you use that that you believe is a tremendous asset to your business?.

websites you use or whatever it may be…

something that I have used is vumber number…you can create a virtual number to any area code you would like to target

gives you a local number to an area that would normally be a long distance to your customers

Paul that service looks good. I may give that free trial a go.

My 3 favorite gadgets are Black Berry, Iphone, and Laptop. I can run almost my whole business from them.

I know this is probably off the topic of vumber but i saw something tech related in the industry which was quite interesting recently.

Basically picture a flagship department store, massive several stories high, real high end retail business…the ground floor windows were being cleaned as they are daily from my observations.

Anyhow this company had 2 men, 1 inside, 1 outside cleaning the same window but being on different sides.Any way they were equipped with walkie talkies so the man on the outside could point out and talk to the guy on the inside showing him where streaks were visible as he had a better view being outside with the bright stores lights behind the window pane.

if i’m not describing the scene well please tell me as the above doesnt seem to read very well now that i look over it.

Wasted use of technology?, or ingenious?i’ll leave you decide.

does anyone do anything like that?

I’ve used a cell phone on speakerphone for this. This way I could still use both hands while doing a difficult set of windows from a roof top. Could’nt really see what the squeegee was doing, so the guy on the inside would feed me directions.

my Mac laptop is my savior for too many things :slight_smile: