Technique with a Suction Cup


Made me nervous watching you step off the ladder onto the ledge. So far I haven’t run into anything like that on a second level. I had an older home with those kind of storms on the ground level. Heavy son of a gun. Front window was 4’ by 6’. Now I know I need a suction like that. I’m lucky I didn’t drop the one I had to deal with. I’ll be better prepared next time and probably say “no” to second story jobs till I get more experience. I have been kinda fake till you make it till now. Learning every day. Fake it on a ladder can be very hazardous. Thanks for the video.

I have two suction cups like yours. Last time I used them I had a helper help me. The video was very informative. I never thought of using a rope. Very suspenseful and entertaining. Especially the part where you drop the glass and it shatters into about thousand pieces on the ground! Haha

Just kidding :slight_smile:

“Before you do anything, get experience.”

Haha, I love that quote.

Just messin…:slight_smile:

But seriously:
I can see over reaching being a big problem here, for sure. I would definitely only do this with two guys.

Howdy Acclaim,

I know stepping on the ledge can be dangerous but all of window cleaning can be dangerous ! The step off was a safe calculated risk and not recommended to those with less experience and or who feel unsafe ! This work is only for the upper end window cleaners with much experience ! Not Recommended for rookies or intermediates ! Plus using the right suction cup is very important !

Dange / Who knows the RANGE

WOW Had me on the edge of my seat!! Glad you didn’t drop that!

Hey not to be the party pooper or anything, but ideally shouldn’t you have 3 points of contact at all times?

Hey Dave,
I think you had the entire length of the right side of your body pressed up against the ladder for added stability, way more than three points. I watched you place your foot on that ledge with careful and deliberate movement. Personally I think you were totally safe. Now for the guys in my avatar it was another matter.

I didn’t even think you would drop the storm window. Be safe!

Hey Mike,

Yes everything was a careful and deliberate movement. All the way to a week before I thought everything through so that the process would go smoothly.

When one has a chance to think things through it gives one options on what to do and not do, to be able to make wise and educated decisions, to able to delete movements and action before they even happen !

I was safe Mike, I would never take an over calculated risk that may have a 50 % chance or more of failure ! I know what works and what don’t work other just don’t have the experience to preform like those who do and so I’d never expect them to do what they may feel unsafe doing.

Things happen even to the best in the industry so one needs to plan and work through their processes before they step on the plate.

The storm window weighed close to 90 lbs and it was very heavy,someone has to focus totally on what they are doing to get through the process without an accident…[COLOR=“red”]“We become what we think about most of the time.” Earl Nightingale"[/COLOR].

Thanks for your experienced observation Mike it’s obvious you know what your looking at Brother, I pray that God will bless you and your wife, take care Brother !

Your Friend / Dave

Yo Ryan, What’s up Dude I hope things are going well for you over there in the land of the Yorkers !
Yeah it would of been a bummer if it fell but if it had it wouldn’t of taken me with it !

Your right about 3 points of contact when on a ladder, I’m very safety aware ! I always try to preform with safety at the forefront. Still we take calculated risk in the industry and in doing so one needs to always think things through and weigh the options.

Over calculated risks, cutting corners, not thinking things through and trying to race through will only set one up for failure.

Your no party pooper Ryan and your my friend Dude and like Mike, Phil and Mr Acclaim your showing me great respect an honor on my thread !

We all want to work and think safely in our industry and not over shoot the bounds. !

Your Friend / Dave