Tele-Plus 30'

I was thinking about getting Tele-Plus 30’ 5 Section for some gutter whitening jobs I have coming up. I was wondering if anyone else uses this 30fter for gutter whitening. I was just wondering how heavy and awkward they are to work with.

Thats exactly what we use for gutter whitening.

I have a OptiLoc 24’ 3 Section that I have been using but when all three section are out it is far to flimsy and It come up short alot. I guess Im going to have to get the 30fter. Thanks Chris.

I use the five section poles on gutter cleaning and window cleaning. That was what I was taught 19 years ago, all pole work. The owner only had cars so we poled everything. My point is yes, and the more you use the easier. They will flex and help with scrubbing. DW