Telemarketing-Is it effective?

Has anyone tried this with a polished e-mail approach?
If so, what was your wording & content photo wise?

how would you get a lot of businesses or managers emails to send out a mass emailing?

Google their website for the business you want. Or phone & ask for their website - at least it gets read. I would worry about picture content & attachments vs their firewall. Businesses are usually hot on this.

I have tried through email and it worked well

E-mail has worked quite well for me with Home Staging companies. I’ve gotten several referrals from home stagers/designers because of this.

Aclaim- why don’t you just go by these businesses and do an estimate, have your wife call and get the name of the “decision” maker and send them the estimate directly, and then follow up later with a phone call? just a thought!

I feel it’s best not to put a length of service agreement. A lot of the time when I take out the paper work we utilize there’s an initial taken aback reaction and usually a, “Is this a contract?” or “How long are the terms of service?” I assure them it’s not a contract and there are no terms of length, just a service agreement and some simple terms, i.e. we agree to provide you this service, we will service as often as you choose and we will do this for only this $ (always use only this $, most people end up being suprised how affordable our service is but throwing an only in there never hurts). I use a lot of we and us in terms of ACWC and not you (the customer). It seems to put their minds at ease. That way they don’t feel as if they are being sold a service by us but rather they are receiving a service from us.

Good stuff! I already like you!

me too…thanks

Acclaim- Did you try the telemarketing thing, and if you did, did it work for you?

I did make calls to commercial locations for maybe a total of 10 hours spread out through a week, and it did work. My goal when on the phone is to schedule an estimate. I’ve been pretty happy with the results. I haven’t done it enough to have a solid statistic, but it seems like every 1-2 hrs I can get one appointment. My call speed is around 30-40 calls an hour max.

I actually just started doing this. I know its been a long to since this thread was started, but I finally was motivated enough (by this rainy downtime) to do it. The people do not seem too bothered by me. The worst I’ve gotten is a quick hang up. But, they don’t really seem to treat me like a telemarketer because I tell them that I am local…and most are aware of the popularity of the service.

I will continue to do it. I will let everyone know more.

Do you do this, and if so, with what result?

Thanks for the reponse. An appointment every 1-2 hours ain’t bad for commercial! I think I’ll have to give it a try. Any tips?

Talk only to the qualified decision maker. Keep it short. Stress free estimate, not the actual work. Ask the name of the decision maker if you can reach him. Keep a good record and call back. Don’t write anything done unless you are on the phone, that way you dont waste time inbetween calls.