Tell me about

I’m ashamed to say I’ve still not tried any of the range.

I’m curious to try them out though after seeing how keen Chris and Alex are to sell them and hearing others sing their praises.

So come on, tell me what makes them so good?

Personally, I like the two dots over the first ‘o’ in

So come on, tell me what makes them so good?[/QUOTE]
singing…especially the Christams tunes!!!

effective squeegeeing has to do with even pressure. channels evenly distribute that pressure with less of your trying to manage it yourself (less fatigue) It feels better, and especially when doing pole work.

Would folks here say that it’s the commercial end where really shines? I use Unger for all residential and the little commercial that I have.

s king, that is why Chris and Alex have chubbies over it. (and Chris hates to hear no)

I use them on resi 100% of the time (mostly the 12 or 14 inch on a swival handle… which rocks!)

They are the best for poling, but awesome with fanning up against the glass too. People love to say “they’re best used with a pole”… I call that horsesh*t

They are the best, period.

i agree, rock…i was skeptical at first being a Ettore lover, but the really shines for sure.

I use the 18" Quicksilver (with Soren rubber) for all of my commercial work. It blows anything out there away for poling and I use it for fanning at ground level too.

I have used in the smaller sizes too and they fan every bit as well as the standard squeegees. But I prefer the Unger ErgoTech for my 12" or 14" residential squeegees because it’s so comfortable in my hand.

I feel that the channels require less pressure and this really helps with the longer channels whether poling or by hand. It just so happens that extra pressure is not needed with the shorter channels so the are more of a preference (for some) as opposed to an advantage in the smaller sizes.

One thing I forgot to mention is that are more forgiving on uneven or wavy glass. Once again I feel that this is more of an issue with the longer channels.