Terminology of the trade

Over the years despite where I worked, what I was doing, almost every trade and or company has their very own terminology, acronyms, language, that can only be understood by those who are in the trade. I have spent many years in the medical insurance industry, I bet I can use a language that will leave many of you scratching your head, saying, “Huh? What’s she talking about?”

It would be pretty cool if there was a window cleaning dictionary, or forum, or blog to help those of us new, trying to learn the business, some of your language secrets. For instance, I do know that the acronym of WCR = Window Cleaning Resource.com!!! Aren’t I smart! :slight_smile:

However, I do come across some of the posts, finding myself scratching my head? What is that, what does that mean? I so do not want to clog up your posts asking what seems to be silly questions, because they are silly to those who already know. But if we had a place to post those silly questions, those who go to those posts to answer them, go there to specifically to help out those of us who are in need of the help, and … those of us who may be to embarrassed to ask a silly question, can feel they are no sillier than the next!

Is this a silly request? :slight_smile:
Joie - N. CA

Hey Joie

WCR is building a little list you can view it here:


Once we get a few more replies I will build it into a little webpage for easier access.

Ask away if you have any questions!!

Thanks Chris!