So how many testimonials do you have from your clients?

What do you do with ones you have?

Ive been having a whole bunch of them compiled from our data base. Im trying to decide what to do with them once they are all in one place.

Any thoughts?

Got a question…
Unless I can put the name and phone number or address of the customer, how strong is a testimonial since so many people will make up names and comments? I have several, but I dont even know how to ask if I can share their info.

If anyone has any ideas for that I would be all in on using them.

We collect them like they are going out of style. The best testimonials I have found are the ones that are unsolicited. Most times a customer will tell me how excited they are about the product and I simply reply “can I quote you on that”

As for using them, I am redoing our website right now, but I like to post them in a place where potential customers can find them easily. As for name and number being needed to make them credible, I don’t think it is necessary. I have a couple dozen customers who I can refer potential customers to to get a users point of view, and this has been one of the best closing tools I have.

Plaster them on your office walls and then give yourself a big old pat on the back!

So do you give the potential customers the name and number then?

Drop them from a plane over Oconomowoc in late July.

I will tell you this… most of them stink. I don’t need
to see them to know it.

I would start finding the ones that are specific. Like one
on how your people did not make a mess. Another one
about how your guys were great around the pets.

Instead of 100 that say the same thing (read them, I bet
they do) find the ones that stand out.

I would pick out 5 of the best, get their permission and
start using them in my ads (YP included)

Using too many testimonials is just that. Too many

Shorten them if they are long

I handle testimonials in 2 ways…

on | Window Cleaning San Diego, CA | Residential | Commercial San Diego Window Cleaning

you can see I add them on my sidebar (since it’s a blog format customers can just do it themselves if they feel so inclined)
This shows multiple testimonials at once.

on Get on page one of google | Seo Tips and Tricks I have a database of testimonials, but it only shows one at a time,
either at the bottom if you are on the main page, and on the sidebar if you are on any other page.

As long as they are inside a piano.

Paul can you write out here an example of what you think a perfect window cleaning testimonial would sound like?

+1 :d

Yes, when I get a customer who calls in to find out more information and I can tell that they are close to closing, but they still are somewhat hesitant, I steer them to one of my existing customers (someone not in their market). Usually I will give my customer a call to give them a heads up that the call is coming in so they don’t feel blindsided. This allows the potential customer to get a non-salesman point of view, and again is an extremely powerful closing tool.

What about an A Cappella version of Legacywc?

We just have a scrolling Javascript on our pages that display the testimonials. That way they are right in front of potential customers without taking up a huge amount of space.

I have some on my web site. I sent a letter out to some customers this year asking if they would provide a test. for my new web site, gave them the option of posting their first name, full name or just initials and their city. The response was great. I loved getting the mail-every day there was another.:slight_smile: