Testing Instructions for Super Soap Samples

Testing the samples that have been sent. First the samples you will receive are only about three ounces. I put about one teaspoon of pure Super Soap in this. You will want to put all three ounces of mix into five quarts of your tap water.
Look for a small two by two foot window, approximately. Put a few quarts in a small hand held pump up sprayer. They cost about 8 bux in the garden section of a Lowes. I removed the metal tip from my sprayer to allow for a stead stream instead of a spray. Then wet, scrub, and rinse with the solution. When rinsing use a steady weak stream. Make sure you get the least suds possible. Rinse from top to bottom left to right. When done rinsing the water should sheet over the window completely. It should be difficult to tell there is even any water on the window. Then it will “scroll down” the window at about an inch a minute. When done the glass should be clean and spot free. Any questions just post here.

Thanx Everyone,