TEXT me for $299

If you aren’t using TEXT messaging to sell more of your window cleaning services, then you need to read this. I had a prospect contact me last week by phone, requesting an estimate. As is often the case, they left a message. When I phoned back I got their answering machine. I left them a message thanking them […]


Another great tip Kevin. Last year I had a short conversation w/ a neighbor of one of my customers (in her backyard). He wanted a quote but said he didn’t like using the phone. I gave him my card (that has my e-mail address on it) and he gave me his e-mail address. We have set up every appointment to date thru e-mail. I have never had a phone conversation w/ him.

Great post Kevin! Guess I have to get my big thumbs use to those little buttons on the phone.


I tried using “text me” on my ads and I got texts. Now would these
people have called or emailed anyway, who knows.

The fact that they responded fits in to how this new era of communication
is evolving. (whether we like it or not)

It takes up almost no space to add the option. I say do it.

Keep all channels open



Try offering to TEXT him next time.

TEXTING is so good. I love it.

I will definitely do that. Thanks Kevin!