Texting Clients

This topic is sorta stolen from another thread “Call to Action” but I feel it could use a bigger discussion.

What does everyone think of texting clients? To be clear, I mean advertising your cell number and encouraging the customers to text in your ads… I’d [I]never[/I] text a client first.

Texting is so effortless, convenient, and discreet it will inevitably become an even bigger part of daily business but I’m curious when it will go from easy communication between coworkers to communication between ourselves and clients.

Here’s a few problems I see:

  1. IMHO, it seems somewhat unprofessional and juvenile. I text all day, and I can hardly imagine life without texts, but I’m texting friends and family - not clients. I think subconsciously I’d think it was sort of wierd to text someone about getting my windows cleaned as the consumer, although I’d be more than open to responding to a text from a possible lead as the provider. I don’t have any real evidence for this point, I just think there may be a social stigma about it for the time being.

(1b) Another issue related to the first is that it may be easy to subconsciously judge the lead because of the way they text. I know plenty of highly intelligent and literate people whos text would still read “do u clen windows? wnt mine don thnx” This doesn’t really have to be an issue but I think I would take a more professionally written text/email much more seriously and enthusiastically.

  1. It might not be so convenient. One of the best parts of texting is I can do it any time of day. Right now it’s 3am, and I’m awake. If I need something from a friend I’d text them right now (okay maybe I’d do this at more like 11); I assume they aren’t sleeping on top of their phones and if they don’t want to talk to me they won’t reply. Email can be sent anytime of day without being intrusive, but I’d think customers might be reluctant to text after business hours which takes away some of the purpose. If someone texts you at 2 am about cleaning and you’re up, do you reply?

  2. You have pretty limited space to use in texts compared to email and you’d have to really fine tune what you’re trying to say while still trying not to sound like a robot.


I think texting is becoming more and more relevant. It couldn’t hurt to test it out. Maybe try it out on a small scale, or on a little batch of mailers to existing clients.

I am adding a “text for a free quote” to all of my marketing. To add a few words that may inspire someone to take an action is worth it to me.

I HATE texting! But that has nothing to do with anything. I only care about getting the phone to ring. How I feel is not important.

I would never use texting as a marketing device. I would not text specials or whatever just because I don’t know if the marketplace is ready and/or if it will ever be in that format.

To text a few words and to expect a positive result would be a little optimistic.

well, that is what I think anyway…

I don’t really want people to tm me with service requests. I use a “smart phone” that receives e-mail anyway so the text is unnecessary. I do however see more and more people using smart phones and e-mail is def the preferred method of communication for many.

I found my first customer texting experience awkward, a regular customer sent me a text wanting to cancel our appointment, unfortunately that was all it said, no name, no date of appointment, and it was from an unknown number. So I had to try to politely let them know that was not a problem, but WHO IS THIS?

So far that is the only customer that has attempted texting, 99% of my customers fluently communicate with me by email, invoices and such, but hopefully the texting doesn’t really catch on.

So Maverick, do you direct them to text you?

Steve had a good point. People are moving on to higher tech phones and it is safe to say most in our target base are not text happy anyway.

No I had not solicited anyone to text, this particular customer is pretty hip to technology, so I guess she just assumed that I was too. Which would have been fine except that number wasn’t in my caller id for anyone.

Smart Phones will be great, but right now WiFi at the coffee shop gives me a good break to send invoices, and do some networking!

Those are mine :slight_smile:

I think I may ask clients this Spring if they would like us to send them a quick text when we arrive and when we leave their home (since they won’t be home, likely)

Now that’s a good idea…

i ask what they are wearing



That sent the coffee flying