Thank-you Thad

Thank-you Thad for hosting the NOLA event.

Let me repeat…THANK-YOU THAD!

You have put together one of the best events I have ever attended in my nearly 30 years of window cleaning. The speakers you managed to bring together under one roof at a single event has been like getting a drink from a fire hose.

From the opening salvo where Curt Kemp talked about thinking outside the bucket, Followed by Jason Evers who really raised awareness about how to create small business success, by telling us to “Embrace our competition,” you piled on even more.

Charley Caldwell overwhelmed this writer, and I suspect, the other attendees with his absolute command of the internet and how to optimize our place within it. After I thought that was the highlight of the day, Chris Lambrinides stepped up and told us how to use the force to increase our sales through E-mail marketing.

Shawn Gavin was not only gracious enough to provide a thorough Q & A session about pure water and water fed pole technology, he set up a “hands on” demonstration where the event participants could use a working system for themselves…Thank-you Shawn.

Kevin Dubrosky wowed the group when he came out and told us point blank that time has nothing to do with price, forget about obsessing with quality, and we all need to know that we need to realize that we should obsess over what our customers’ preferences are instead of our obsession with quality.

AC Lockyer closed out the day’s speakers by telling us that “We gotta figure out who we are, who we want to be, and position ourselves to be the best.” We cannot lose when we force our competitors to play the game we create in our own markets.

All these speakers added details to the thin synopsis I have posted here, but everyone in attendance took away information to help us grow our businesses…and ourselves immediately. Imagine someone telling you to shut down your business, re-open it and increase your sales 30%???
And then…telling you exactly how to do it!

Thad has worked tirelessly to bring together this event. Thad has made a great professional and personal sacrifice on our behalf with little to no appreciation for what it took to bring this together.

I want to tell Thad That I appreciate all the work, stress and BS he has put up with to make this one of the greatest events I have been a part of in my nearly 30 years in this industry.

Thank-you Thad!!!

Who’s Thad?

Very well said Bumblebee! I totally agree that this has been one awesome event.

Actually in the process of learning alot about Roof Cleaning listening to Don Phelps right now!

I agree whole heartily. Hands down, best window cleaning event I have ever attended.

Who’s Bumblebee? Bee, introduce yourself to the good-looking guy in the Superman shirt in the front!

Day 2 is pushing a head right now… This is seriously amazing! The perfect storm of amazing speakers, mellow atmosphere, and great location.

17 + WCRA members in attendance as well.

BB, your rundown of this year’s event is a great “sales pitch” for next year’s event which I suspect will be enormous.

I don’t think Thad will be able to put together another event like this again. I have no confidence at all. This was like a ‘big bang’ event.

HA HA HA Micah!

Seriously, John. Meet me for lunch and let’s have a milkshake! Where are you? I haven’t shaken your hand yet!

Just about to cross the state line back into Texas after this amazing event. If I can implement 10% of the stuff I learned at this event, my company will be 100% better.

Sure was great meeting a bunch of great guys and gals poised to take window cleaning/pressure washing/roof washing to a whole new level. I was proud to be part of such a great group.

When do tickets for next year go on sale?

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I’d also like to go on record to thank Thad for all his hard work, too.

It was more fun than I expected it to be. (why didn’t I expect it to be this much fun?)

I also learned a lot from everyone, and appreciated the open dialogue that the event offered. It was cool having conversations on all these important subjects, from people within our own industry, who know what they’re talking about.

It was great meeting bumblebee too :slight_smile:

It’s funny when a big 260-lb 6’3" guy walks up to you and says “Hi, I’m Bumblebee”.

Gotta love usernames.

Also great to see again and meet for the first time

Michael M
Michael S
George #1
George #2
Charlie L
Charly C
Julie (thx for the AV support)

And more that I’m having a mental block with names!

Thanks Thad. That was great. Appreciate all your hard work.

An event is nothing without the attendees. Thank you, all of you, from the bottom of my heart for all of your support. I love you guys.

Well Im in the airport now, as usual bummed to be leaving the quarter… But also excited to get home and see my family… I made a lot of new friends and learned so much!

Kate WCR took a ton of photos and a bit of video. Il get that posted up very soon.

I also came up with ideas for - 4 NEW columns that will start appearing in issue #5 of wcbo window cleaning magazine while I was there… Look for those soon…

I would also like to thank THAD and all the speakers who have taught me so much!

I’m sitting at the ATL airport anxious to get home but also humbled while reflecting on how each and every one of you seem to be such close friends of mine, although I hardly know many of you.

Sam…I will only make a point to make it down next year if you promise to jump back up on that mechanical bull!! Haha, and my girlfriend will get those pictures emailed to you.

Ohh yeah and thanks Alex for the kleenex full of Advil after our first night out! It was much needed.

Thanks again Thad, this was the BEST event I have ever been a part of!

Kyle, you got it. But you’re getting on there too.

Nice meeting you.


Well, I just got home and the first thing I wanted to do was thank Thad and all those who spoke this weekend at Nola. This event was truly amazing. The wisdom being shared over the weekend was simply immeasurable and like most of you, I wish it wasn’t over. My biggest regret at Nola though was not getting to meet/introduce/interact with all of the members. This big, goofy, white guy apologizes to any of you that I didn’t get a chance to talk to. My networking skills at times could use a tune up! Next time, lunch is on me :slight_smile:

Thats very Cool, great Job Thad.

I’m just sorry I missed the first WCRA meeting. Oh well maybe Next time.

It was a Powerpacked lineup…Thad you have your hands full beating your mark next time. :slight_smile:

It was nice meting you too, Andrew. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to chat more next time.

Thanks for taking the initiative to thank Chris and Alex at the WCRA dinner, on behalf of all of us.

It was good, Ron. You would have enjoyed it.