Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Someone wrote on here a while back that they put the prices for the jobs on their fliers. I followed that advice and sales from fliering went up 500%.

So, I am sorry I don’t remember who you are but I would like to say THANK YOU!

That’s awesome.

500% increase is amazing.

Well Kevin can’t say it without sounding super arrogant but it probably WAS him

that’s awesome! what kind of pricing did you put up? 20 windows for $xxx?

He should refuse to answer that on the grounds that it might incriminate him.

Do you think the 500% increase in response was due to the fact that the prices were unusually high and therefore
the customers thought they must be getting quality?

Please be nice to each other. I would like this to remain a friendly place… If you dont like someone here or what they say simply click the “ignore button” and you’ll never see another post from them again. What we are not going to do is constantly take shots at each other.


Do you mind showing us a picture of the flyer? or the prices you put?

Actually I don’t dislike him and I thought the talk (the part I heard) was interesting.
I just tend to get into disagreements or arguments easily.
I will just have to watch my ways more carefully.

Hey guys. Actually I put the price for the job on the flier. I was in an area of tract homes (3 models) so pricing them was easy. The response I got was “I never hired a professional window cleaner before because I figured I could not afford that. I thought only really wealthy people have that done”

The other thing I liked about it was when they called me, there was no talk about giving estimates or negotiating the price. They just called and said “Put me on the schedule”

Again, this wasn’t my brain child, it just shows how cool this site is that we can share ideas to help each other out…

This is SOOOOOOO valuable, saves enormous time, and keeps your confidence skyhigh.

SO valuable.

Now, Bailey, please put pricing all over your website and the same will happen with every new website visitor. No more haggling.

Thats kinda the same response I received from running the 20 windows exterior for $99.00. I believe that some people think that window cleaning is difficult and with difficulty comes a hefty price. Lay it all out for them to choose and give them a pricing guide. Its almost like ordering food from a menu at a high end restaurant that doesnt have prices on their menu. A restaurant like this mostly caters to customers who have excess money to spend. Another example is a Sunday newspaper flier that doesnt have prices on their products. I usually lose interest and pitch them in the trash. A pricing guide will pique interest for sure.


Ads without prices are useless in my opinion. Almost EVERYONE else puts prices on why not window cleaners? I’ve been doing it off and on for 10 years and I also do it with yard maintenance. I’ve seen so many people get these pro designed full colour post cards with no prices, to me all they say is a salesman will call.

Mike -

You are absolutely right and it’s almost comical that it took me this long to figure it out. Thank God for WCR so I could solve my rectal/cranial inversion problem!

Can I quote you on that? :smiley:

Absolutely Chris!

I honestly don’t care what his prices are. I know what my market can bear and what pricing has worked well for my company. Unfortunately people in my area like the lowest prices even if it doesn’t mean a professional job while their brand new Benz is sitting in the driveway. I was only asking what the package was; 20 windows in and out for $xxx? or 20 windows outside only for $xxx?

I think there have been many who have talked about an increase in sales directly because
of raising price (and perceived value). I know me and Kevin talked about it on here many

I am glad to hear about your success Brett!

From that, it seems that not all rich people are looking for the same thing.

They might place a high priority on the Benz in their driveway and a different priority
on the quality of their window cleaning. I wonder how many are driving a 1993 chevy but
want a lot of detail when working on their windows without regard to price?

There are differences, but there are also majority values.

Absolutely. The high end, high income demographic in my area for the most part is more price concerned but image conscious which is why they drive the Benz, have a big house and hire the lowest priced window cleaning company. There is NO value to them to have their windows cleaned and pay more from a professional company. They would rather SAY they got their windows cleaned than actually getting them cleaned professionally.
The high end, high income demographic in my area IS NOT my bread and butter. Instead they are my headache, when they tell me I am too expensive compared to the firefighter who did it last year.
The best clients for me are the people who see the value in my service and are willing to hire a professional because they want the best, not the status.