Thanks Members

This has been a great place to start learning about the business.

Started in Summer of 09’…

I had a Bucket Bob clean my windows for two years…They did all pole work on some 12’ high windows and got some dirty water on hemmed curtains that I had installed…didn’t notice till later due to the folds etc.

All my WC gigs are on Saturday and small jobs in the evening as I work FT @ a cemetery keeping the dead down;-)

I’m no “Bucket Bob” though! I am insured, charge a healthy yet competitive price and have started watching the video on Tempered Glass Defects (Thank you WCR!)

However the real story is HERE with you guys…If it wasn’t for this community there would be a lot of things that I couldn’t just do a “Search” for @ 10:00PM…This is one of three Go To resources that I tell friends about who are interested in Window Cleaning so “THANKS!”

Hope to carry my weight,

I’m with you. Getting my business going while working around the regular job. Impossible if it weren’t for this group of people.

Now I’m waiting on you to put together a video of you doing something with that Ibanez in your avatar. Sure is pretty. I just have a little Epiphone accoustic I like to make some noise with.


Welcome Eric!

I agree Smezzell, we’ll make it though…Thanks for the compliment on the guitar. It’s a 2027XXV and I have always wanted it…
Concerning makes models and talent, I saw a fellah once with a Melody Maker that could do Yngwie’s live solo two handed…AWESOME player and a real humble attitude.
You do any recording??? Tyler TEXAS??? I lived there for a short period of time back in early 90’s… How’s it holding up?

Thanks Mr. Squeegee,
Your not just Slayer level on your posts…You actually use those right?
Did they take any getting used to or were you used to that type of channel?
I find the Slayer different from my Ettore in usage!

I have always used the thicker channels. I love the Slayer but if you started w/ standard channels it will take a little time to get used to.