Thanks to Alex and Chris

I just wanted to thank the guys for being so responsive to request. I asked if they could make a resin exchange video so I wouldn’t mess up trying ti the first time. They, of course, said sure and got it going w/in a couple of days. Way to go guys! Oh and bye the way the video is great!

where’s the Vid???
I saw some places online that sells resign for a good price and would rather buy it, put it myself, then to deal with the JERK manager at Culligan!
I showed him my tank and was asking about resign refills and all he did the entire time was try to get me to buy his tanks…He said a lot of stupid things to boast himself and his product…telling me my purchase was ok but instead I should always go to him, a true professional…was an arse

I would like to learn from this vid

Hey Tony

Glad we could help! And thank you for the sale!

Matt here is the video… Mandy hasnt had a chance to put it up yet.

// Exchange - YouTube



[QUOTE=Chris;14995]Hey Tony

Mandy hasnt had a chance to put it up yet.

Ahhhhh Mandy. - YouTube

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Thats a hotttt song, let’s see a picture of Mandy CHRIS???

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Thank you llaczko.