Thanks to all and hello from Wichita, KS

Set up a user account here a few days ago. I have spent literally several hours reading over various topics in the forum. I haven’t kept a list of all the users individually to thank, but wanted to throw a general thank you out there to everyone. I found in particular the workbelt setup, van setup, vehicle wraps, pricing, wfp, and newbie threads extremely helpful. I have certainly benefited and am sure to continue benefiting from the wealth of information/tribal knowledge/collaboration exhibited through this forum. Hopefully I can contribute.

My wife’s grandpa started a window washing business decades ago and was all commercial routes done the traditional way (no wfp). Fortunately I have gotten some of the basics down from his wife who has taken over the business for him. Also, I went to school for accounting and finance so I have the business admin side covered fairly well. I started a small route when I was in college with just a pole, squeegee, bucket, scrub mop, and scraper, but had to give it away. I have a couple of guys lined up to work for me that are the good hard worker type and very trustworthy (the kind every employer is always trying to find). Over the next few weeks I will be getting all the business red tape taken care of and acquiring all the equipment I need to make a modest start. I will be focusing all my sales efforts on commercial and then use a foothold there to move into the residential market.

My start up list:

Phone just for business
Business cards
Accounting software
Shirts with company info on it
Professional looking bid/estimate sheets
LLC and EIN registering
Bank account

squeegees (need recommendations seems like there is a lot of variations and custom combo’s out there of rubber and handles, ettore wagtail or ?)
T-bars and brush/mops (I liked the kind I had before that had scrub pads on each end)
boabs (i used a bucket before, not sure how these work without spilling water everywhere especially if you are getting in and out of a vehicle all the time?)
magic erasers
microfibers and/or scrims (input on this?? never used a scrim) and what microfibers are best cause i had one windex one that
seemed to work great and some others from walmart that might as well have been washcloths, difference?
glass gleam 4 (side note - what’s best to add to water in freezing weather . . . rubbing alcohol? windshield washer fluid? anti-freeze? or?)

Also, I realize this is a ways down the road, but what are the thoughts on branching out into other things like:
resealing/removing condesation-fog
pressure washing (buildings, parking lots, driveways - possibly heated)
gutter cleaning
seamless gutter installation
cement coloring/staining
window installation and screen repair
pest control

Do? Don’t do? If so what would be the best order of addtion be? How to learn enough/practice enough to be skilled to provide the service?

Happy window cleaning guys! Look forward to hearing from you.

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Angela WCR

Always good to have a positive attitude and ambition to match it.
My thinking would be get really good at delivering a great experience at a profitable margin with window cleaning. Have reasonable expectations and give it time to see how well you grow. Isn’t Wichita the largest city in KS? You should have a lot of opportunity for growth. You might consider eventually expanding to a complementary service such as power washing and/or gutter cleaning.

Welcome, glad to see your doing your homework and benefiting from WCR.

Hey, welcome to WCR. I love when I see guys that are college educated choose window cleaning over a desktop job :slight_smile:

Thanks all! Yeah, I’ve found working for an employer and being in a cubicle is just not for me. I have come to the conclusion that college itself is a business/industry and is really overrated. Not that I haven’t benefited from it. I definitely have and even more than many based on some of the other college grads I know. I did learn a lot of valuable information, but I do believe all the energy and years spent at college would have been more beneficially used to grow a business. I should have known before I started that an indoor job wasn’t for me. I grew up on a small ranch, love to be outdoors, and love to produce a admirable tangible finished product. Whether that’s clean windows, home renovations, woodworking, etc. it’s just a nice feeling to see something look good that you worked on.