That Window Guy trailer setup

Quick video tour of our trailer.

[video=youtube_share;1-yltKN84ys]TWG Trailer Tour - YouTube

very nice. I’m 75% done with mine. I’ll post soon.

have you figured up the weight you are carrying?

Very cool setup. Thank you for sharing. How do perform necessary maintenance on the skid? In the trailer or does it pull out?

Yep. Well under the max gross for the trailer. We never fill the water tank up past half way. 125 gallons is just over 1000 pounds. Pressure washer is 448 pounds. Another 1500 pounds of misc stuff. Still good.

In the trailer. My partner is like Macguyver and can make a square peg fit a round hole. He’s pretty good at figuring out ways to make it happen. So a little bit of contorting here and a well placed word there, and it all gets done. Certainly the worst part of the set up. But considering the time savings every day on the job site, it’s well worth it.

@TWG : Fyi, the instant bid on your website was giving my a 404 error on my mobile browser.

Thanks for the heads up.

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Sam I really like it…only thing I would change is getting larger pressure washing reels and supply. 200 high psi and 150 supply is what I carry but there’s room for a lot more. IS the trailer lettered up?

Nice set up!

Thanks, Lou. At the very end of the video, I pull away showing the trailer and the truck.

that’s awesome, what do you think the total $ is into it ?

Nice job, Sam! Say Hi! to George.

Thanks Larry. How was the protest march?

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Very nice set up. What size trailor is that?

…is that your truck, John (spider man)?! DOoooooPe.

Looks good, nice setup.

Lol yea it’s minee

Looks great Sam!

Nice setup Sam! I’ve been working on mine too, and its a great deal like yours is now. I have my PW mounted inside as well and the exhaust is irritating me to no end cuz it smells like exhaust for days after I run it. I thought about running it underneath too, but I can’t help but think that unless it exits above the trailer eventually all that soot is going to stain my trailer. Have you thought about that? What do you think? I know your trailer is black, but the lettering is white…

Also, where did you get the stainless steel fittings that you used for the downstream? I’m trying to switch everything out to stainless but can’t seem to find parts for less than an arm and a leg! The swivel for the cox reel is 90 bucks!

I’ll post up mine after I got it fully finished and ready to use in the field, but so far I’m able to run all 8 of my poles out of that trailer with more than enough pressure to feed em, I really should have gotton a bigger trailer than a 5x8. That trailer you got is perfect my man.