The age old storefront thread

I’m getting ready to hit the store fronts in my area really hard next month. I have read and re-read tons of threads on the topic using the ever fantastic, search feature. However, I’m interested what kind of materials you bring for the owner/manager?

Do you just bring your business cards? are there any other materials or print items you recommend ?

Thanks Guys

What to bring:

  1. Business Cards
  2. Thick Skin

What marketing (business cards,brochures,flyer) are you using at this current time?

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Having a simple yellow page ad and being on google will get you a ton of storefront over time. We just recently sold our storefront route to a local window cleaner, but when i did go after commercial I would walk in, ask for the manager, do a very quick intro with a business card. Have an estimate ready to go before you go in.

IMO @Lsmain is the man to teach you how to sell to commercial. He has the salesman gift. I think he had a good youtube video with Cole from Glass Renu on commercial selling. I have showed it to my crew leaders before in the past as an example on how to sell hard


This is key. :sunglasses:

But…[quote=“Kyle_Stafford, post:5, topic:35603”]
when i did go after commercial I would walk in, ask for the manager
Here’s where I become ‘that guy’ again.

If you walked into a Commercial office bldg and asked for the manager…
The response would be - “which manager?” “which department” "which company?"
NONE of which would have ANY control over who gets the window cleaning job.

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You just have to grind and dont let the failures get you down. Purchasing a list with contacts may be a way. You could place a call the day before to try to get a name. To be honest this is why I focus 100% on residential…so much easier and lots more $$$$$ lol

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Your forgot number “3”

  1. Positive attitude
    (Even after the 20-30 no’s)

Agreed. :slightly_smiling:

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Kyle where is your company located?

main office St. Joseph, MO

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You don’t think I have a positive attitude?!?

“Am I… 'To confrontational’ for you?!?”

Well then “up yours” pal !

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I just watched this video right before posting this thread. It definitely helped and got me pumped to go give it a try.

Just trying to help you get the number “3” in your head.
“Things come in 3’s”

3 bad things
3 good things

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I take a 2 part carbonless form for the estimate, a brochure, and a business card. You can get by with a business card, but the form and the brochure are more to sell them on your residential services.

Is duke brothers still operating in KC?

No sir, I closed it down one year exactly after opening to move to Tulsa and accept a job opportunity. i inteded to re-open in Tulsa almost immediately, but the day I brought my window cleaning tools down, they were all stolen. So , Im now in a position to start cleaning windows again , with out my Brother (hence the name change)

I remember seeing you guys around when you started. Tulsa/Broken Arrow is a rich Window Cleaning market. My sister lives there and I know several Window Cleaners in the area. Hope it works out for you.

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Nice, Yeah I’ve been painting houses down here for 2 years. Broken Arrow and Jenks are the best markets in the area. What’s your company? Are you still in KC?