The best $13 bucks I ever spent

The book

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

actually ten bucks on amazon, but I got the audio book of itunes last week.

I have listened to it in the background while I worked all week about 10 times. For the most part its all stuff I already practice but it gave me a clearer vision of it.

Any way I would HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone.

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Thanks, Chris.

Looks pretty good Chris, but I think that I can one up it.
The best $5 anyone could ever spend.

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I get those for free at Barnes & Noble when the staff isn’t looking.

I recommended that book to you about 6 months ago. Glad you finally got it. :smiley:

Ohh ok yeah I knew someone recommended it… Now with my new GTD system ill never let a recommendation lapse so long. :smiley: