The best contact software?

Hey everybody,
I just had a major realization. I am losing a buttload of money by not following up with my residential clientele. I just had a customer call me today asking us to clean her windows again after a year and a half. This was a $1400.00 job and she was wondering if we were still in business! Oy! Major embarrassment. How many other customers are thinking the same thing?

I need some kind of software that will:

  1. help me remain in regular contact with my customers through email and direct mailings
  2. It has to be simple to use
  3. somewhat automated (so it kind of runs by itself) and
  4. not cost an arm and a leg.

Any suggestions?

If you find that PLEASE let me know.:smiley:

I use a excell spreadsheet that accomplishes #1, 2, & 4. but it no way can even be linked to #3. You are probably going to be able to find something with that meets 3 of those, but you’ll probably have a hard time meeting all 4.

I like george the window cleaner software

If you use a Mac, try Daylite 3.
If you don’t use a Mac, I would suggest getting one.

As i said in other post, dont be a cheap a-s-s-s window cleaner and sign up with

it is a no brainer

why not just send a thank you letter after you do a window cleaning service? Then follow up every few months with a phone call. Phone calls are still good. and it helps with communication skills. People tend to like hearing a person’s voice over this email stuff.

I’ve been having the same delimma. In the process of trying all sorts of programs. I would use the customer factor, but I take my laptop on the road too much, and the idea of not having my customers on a local drive is a bummer. Of course, I could do a double-entry, but that is just more work that is spent [I]working on[/I] keeping in touch in clients than actually keeping in touch with clients.

buy a wireless card…

you sell those on your new website?

You’re a riot. So everyone who isn’t using C.F. is a cheap ass?

I don’t use it and I think I run a pretty fine operation thank you. I use Vazing

Service software, scheduling, dispatch, estimates and invoicing online

I chose it over the customer factor for several reasons

  1. It runs on an Oracle database, smooth, reliable, fast, and secure.
  2. Data is backed up twice daily and the info is stored on two different servers, one in Boston and one in Cali for maximum up time.
  3. The quickbooks integration is not transferred in “buckets.” In other words, each customer entered into vazing is automatically added to QB as an individual record giving you another database backup and far more powerful reporting capabilities.
  4. Deep pockets. Face it, Customer Factor is owned by one guy. If he dies or decided to just quit, then what? Vazing is owned by Insight Direct a successful software development company with years of experience.
  5. They bill you per work order, which means when work slows down in the winter, your monthly costs also go down.
  6. The billing and account management features in vazing blows CF away. I know I ran them both side by side for a month before choosing.

Basically, Vazing vs Customer Factor is like a 2010 Camaro compared to a Ford Taurus. The Taurus is a good basic reliable car, but I’d rather have the Camaro.

no, you will have to purchase through your cell phone company.

to each is own, good luck with that one.

Googledocs is very powerful, the calender with text message (SMS) reminders or email reminders works very well. You can set them years in advance. Imagine inputting that you have to clean that $1400 job for every 6 months and getting a text message/email a week/day/hour before you are booked in.

If you do your research on it, with help from the videos from google on how to use it, I am sure you could use it in some way.

And the best part…it is free!

Yea for sure! We run our whole company on google products…

Except scheduling… We use Service CEO

Thanks for the info… I watched the demo and it looks pretty good.

Because when you have a couple hundred customers its REAL difficult to remember to contact everyone who is up for service due to new customers…

I do send thank you’s. I didn’t even know about the customer factor. I’m checking it out. It looks like it might be what I am looking for…OOOPs change that. I didn’t see the second page of this thread. Looks like I have options.

I would definitely give the free trial a spin, it won’t cost you a dime. You can also contact Darion Miller at (617) 557-0066 with questions. He is very helpful and specializes in window cleaning companies.

There is no such program!!! I was asking too much. However, for email marketing it looks like constant contact is a pretty slick program for staying in touch with my customers. And as far as direct mailers, well that’s up to me to stay on top of that. Thanks for everyone’s help. I do have more followup questions but for now I’m going to focus on the email side of things.