The Best Deal Ever.. Seriously

Will it go to $249 after one year?

I think year two has always been $199. Right [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION]

I just joined! I’m planning on buying the Brodex gutter vacuum this weekend too. I want to take advantage of the free shipping this weekend, does any know how long until my 5% discount appears?


Normally a couple of days but ill get you moved in today early so you can get a discount on that gutter vac

This deal is awesome. Going to sign up. Quick question the post cards and promo items. Can u change the wording on them. Since for example I don’t currently do pressure washing?

I’ll bet you could have a few that will do that this weekend.


yep they are welcome to

Yep the cards are editable with photoshop

Ok… you suckered me in… Im joining

Just make sure you join with this deal this weekend. Once its over its over :)…it wont be like other promos were we sometimes extend it.

Hey David, I changed your user group in the store for you so the discount will appear off each product automatically now.

If guys couldn’t understand the value at 349.00 do you think they will get it because they got a deal? I am glad we have new members coming in, the more the merrier, I just hope the reduced price doesn’t make them dismissive of the benefits that are actually here. This membership is something many established businesses owned by current members like myself would easily shell out 5x the full price because of the value it has added and continues to add to our companies. It is not something to be taken lightly, that $99.00 just bought you no more excuses for not being a highly successful business.

It is a subscription that automatically renews each year, but as long as you cancel at the end of your first year you are fine. You aren’t forced to renew… or anything.

What you guys do for me is priceless! Thank you for everything! I know ya’ll will get to 1,000 window cleaners in no time.
Have a great weekend man!

signed up


Thanks Chad you to!

I know you weren’t asking me, but I’ll answer anyway. IMO, no.

When did that ever stop you!?

Will the $99 worth of stuff ( bucket, scrubber,etc ) automatically be mailed?