The best kind of leads

Lol, I counted 49 atrium type of window panes and quoted 400.

“The price is outrageous!”

Well ma’am I’m sure you can find someone to do it for 20 bucks.

Also what’s with aol users not receiving my emails?

This is the 2nd aol user who claims they never received my estimate via email.

Anyone has some insight?

Also, this would be one hell of a photo to post after it’s clean

To do it right and detailed your price may even be a tad low. Point her to Craigslist.


Yes it is a bit low. But I’m just in the beginning phases and that would make a good pic to post

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I’m guessing she either:

a) never hired a window cleaner before and therefore thinks it will be 150$
b) actually did have someone do it for 150 but for whatever reason she just cant seem to get a hold of him anymore…

I dont know what area you are from and whats acceptable there but when in doubt count your estimated hours. We charge 120 per hour and our minimum fee is 180. That looks like it would take 3 hrs so definitely wouldnt go lower than 360 PLUS HST

thats my two cents :slight_smile:

3 hrs for 2 guys?
I’m a sole prop so my goal is minimum $50 per hour.

Unless your new (one year in) it should be 70+. I try to price things at 100+ now but sometimes miss it and hit 70-80. I’ll accept 80 If its a new clean as I know I’ll hit 100 the next time, but 70 is a bit low.


3rd month in lol

Even as someone ‘just starting out’ I would still be weary about pricing low. I’m not sure what your long term goals are (or what the market in your area is like for window cleaning) but charge for long term also… Consider cost of insurance, equipment, future payroll etc… This way when you’re bigger, you won’t have to drastically up your prices for your first clients or stop answering their calls. 70-80 is really reasonable.

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Your likely not going to be efficient for a bit, so if you do some searching on here for how people are pricing and what those people are making per hour, then you can base your pricing off them. Garry has posted his pricing on multiple threads and hits 100 per hour. A search on his pricing should give you a good reference. Of course one offs like the 4 season room you posted take practice to quote.

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Yes I agree