The Best & Most Convenient & Cheapest Credit Card Processing

It’s been a bit since I posted on this thread but I went ahead and purchased credit card services through Merchant One about a month ago. There are absolutely zero setup fees. The credit card percentages are the same as First Data in my earlier post and they only charge 15 bucks a month vs. 25 with First Data. It’s a no-brainer which service is cheaper. The credit card portal is awesome. We also have a maid service and have been putting customers on weekly, biweekly and monthly payment plans via credit card where their payment is automatically deducted. It’s pretty sweet. I’ve also been doing a lot of my window cleaning bidding over the phone lately. At the end of the call I ask for a 50 dollar deposit to hold their date on the schedule. If they don’t give at least 48 hours notice before canceling, we keep their deposit. It’s really working out great.

One other point those still looking into credit card services will want to make sure they ask about is the funding option, how long does it take to get your credit card payments into your bank account. These vary greatly, so make sure you ask.

Having used First Data before I can say that the merchant account I was responsible for through them was funded next day, which not all merchant accounts can claim. So, when your doing your homework make sure you check into this and not just the fee’s. Knowing when to expect your CC transactions to reach your account will help tremendously with your cash flow management.

Good Luck!

Good point. Merchant One also has next day payment.

I’ve been looking into this all day just about and have found there are a lot of hidden fee’s not talked about up front with credit card processing. it’s a lot of extra $ to spend just to be convenient for a few customers.

here’s a list of the top 10,
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Rather than continue your research – past posts suggest you are extrely frustrated – why not ask for feedback here from those who use CC services for a low volume of customers.

This post suggests you are extremely caffeine deprived.

I am currently using option #2. I have an iphone with a gopayment app from intuit. I can either swipe the card with a detachable swiper or punch in the number and email them a reciept. I sell (wood working) at a local farmers market as well and the phone swiper works for that as well. I just had to get a 2nd account. I just log into the account I am doing business with that day. I have used accounts before and leased a machine. Very expensive. If you can, buy a machine, never lease it. I got stuck in a 4 year contract my first time. I paid enough to buy the machine 4 times over. and it still isn’t mine.

huh? I’m just making people aware of all the hidden fees they will not tell you about till you get the bill from them.