The best thing you can do RIGHT NOW

Go check out Kevins (Panelessperfections) Forums!

He is giving you access to a TON of the source files of his insanely effective marketing material.
(This means, all you gotta do is download, whichever fliers or postcards of his you like, swap out his company info with yours, print em out and deliver em!)

Here’s the thing though, only one person from each service area is allowed (thank goodness). IE, if you’re from San Diego you can’t sign up, because there is already a san diego member on there.
So go, at least try it out for a free month, and it’ll only take FIVE minutes of browsing around, to be convinced of the immense value of what he is offering.

HURRY, before your competitor beats you to it!

Wow, thx Doug

Glad you’re enjoying it already!

Oh…and just to clarify, at that link that Doug posted, you can check out all kinds of cool stuff and templates and everything, totally free.

On the other hand, the members-only areas are completely hidden to visitors of the forum, and they contain all the source files for those same templates, as well as a bunch more cool stuff and tools and fully-editable templates that you can download and check out with a FREE 1-mth visitors pass.

To be honest, most of the members-only stuff you can only see once you signup for a FREE 1-mth visitors pass, so its kinda hard to tell how cool the forum is without it.

Sorry about that, gotta keep the secret stuff secret, and gotta keep to the one-WCer-per-area-rule too!


P.S. If you’d like a FREE visitors pass, you can find out really quickly how that works, and how to get one from this link:

Hey Kevin, I signed up last night for the free 1 month trial. Still waiting for approval. Looking forward to it and seriously considering joining up as a member.

Hey man.

Sorry about the little bit of confusion.

Here’s the deal: Registering for a membership on the forum is required to access all of the members-only areas, but you will only activate your registration once you complete the paypal 1-mth FREE visitors pass signup here:

[B]Sign up for one FREE month here[/B]

Then, once paypal sends me the email confirmation that you’ve gone ahead and signed up officially, I can process your registration and approve you to come on in and gain full-blown access to the members-only areas.

Make sense?

In other words, only after you sign up through paypal for your free 1-mth visitors pass, can your registration as a member be completed.

Hope that helps.


P.S. As a reminder, only one window cleaning business owner per city or town is allowed. If you’re the second from your area, you can’t come in without your competitors permission. (not too likely)

Here’s a list of [B]current cities and towns that are off-limits[/B] as of right now, because current members do business there.
Unfortunately, many areas are already off-limits as you can see, and every day one or two more WC’ers jump on board. Sorry about that if that means you’ve been squeezed out already, within the first month.[/SIZE]

P.S.S. Of course, you can cancel anytime you want, even within the first month if you wish, but once you cancel, you can never rejoin again. It’s the only way that I know how to protect the interests of the regular members.

I just cruised your site this evening and its chocked full of great info. I especially like the dossier on picking apart the good/bad parts of the marketing materials you have and others have sent in (picking apart in a good-positive way). Also like the video of the auwc 30 minute seminar this past November. I would have signed up in your forum when it first launched if I would have known about the territory limits you have in place. Well thought out forum and structure. Will visit daily for sure.

Thx Steve, glad you’re part of it now!