The Bicyclin' Window Cleaner

So this afternoon I go to a Burger King for a quick lunch. Right at the front door there’s a bicyle parked, with a 5 gallon bucket next to it, a broken broom handel sticking out… and you see the rest…

I walk inside and see the man talking to what appears to be a district manager, too clean cut to be just a general manager. I recognized the man from seeing ride around, but I didn’t know what was in the bucket…

The DM wrote down a phone number and then ask the man if he had a card. The man said he didn’t, he just cleans windows. The DM then asked what his business was called, and the man just kinda threw his hands up in the air and said he didn’t have one. The man tells the DM that he’ll clean the inside windows for $5.00, and as he’s walking out explains that he’s got all kinds of good references. lol.

I eat my burger and get a refill and notice the DM looking for something to do. So I approached him and told him I wasn’t looking for the job, but I had overheard part of the conversations. The DM just smiles and said “Yeah I was jush humoring him”. I asked the DM was the estimate was… he said 20 dollars for outside and then 5 for the inside… I just smiled and said “beer money!”, and the DM agreed. (The job was easily a $40.00 - 45.00 job)

I kinda felt bad for the guy. In fact I looked for one of those free squeegee’s that I got at the convention, but I didn’t have any in the truck. After I heard his price, I’m kinda glad I didn’t waste one.

I have thought about a window cleaning motorcycle, but never a bicycle! lol.

We have a guy in our area that rides around on a bike. He has a little trailer and everything. I’m not sure what the issue is but I don’t think he can drive. Not because of drinking or anything he may be mentally challenged.

I’ve seen a guy here in town riding on a moped with a yellow Ettore rectangle bucket strapped on the back. He even has a business card. He lowballs the high end neighborhoods in the area.

we’ve got a guy here that is famous - one-legged black man riding a bicycle washing windows.
here’s the deal - this guy only does the outsides and cash only! if it rains…no window washing. he does most of the store fronts in this small town i don’t think he charges more than 15-20 a store. guys gotta make a livin’!

Until the ol’boy is carrying ladders, you have nothing to worry about.
I’ll give the guy credit. Maybe he’s down and out and trying to work his way up to have a taste of success someday.

My kinda guy :smiley:

I got one job after another window cleaner failed to show up for several weeks. One day while doing the insides, this guy bursts in and asks me [I]“what the hell you doin bud, this is my gig!”[/I] I direct him to the manager to sort this out. After I finish the insides I go out and he’s riding off on his bicycle complete with small bucket and wooden broom handle in tow. Hey Micah, maybe this guy migrated south into your territory. :wink:

He may have come here, if he did he lost his bike!