The Biosphere2 is complete

I have to admit that I’m in my busy season now and have not had a day off yet since I got back. I have built the webpage (which I haven’t even proof read or got all of the right photos yet) and I have talked to a few customers. I have tried getting a hold of the news stations that aired pieces on us-- but not that hard since I’m crazy busy. I’m ashamed to admit that here, but it’s true. I have ideas of building fliers, mailers, and email marketing campaigns, but I haven’t really got anything solid together.

My guys keep telling me that I’m Bios"fearless", and I think it’s clever, but a little corny, so I don’t know that I’ll use it in my marketing.

One thing I’m concerned about now is making people think I’m some huge and impersonal company, or that we are mainly a commercial company with cheap labor that they wouldn’t want in their homes… I want to leverage our results, tenacity, abilities, etc. against our personality, promptness, background checked employees, and our cleaning schedules.

I’m absolutely dying to know if you have any input Kevin… I’m sure that mixing your mind with all of this would go beyond all of my expectations!

BTW: Here’s the stuff they want me to bid after the holidays…

Well… I was in pretty deep myself, I logged 218 actual labor hours. But my guys put in about 600.

As a side note: My traps, pecs, and biceps are larger and more defined than ever-- all with no gym membership!

Okay, sweet.

I think that you can go a few different directions with it, and adjust your angles for each one.


First, I would target the monster residential. I mean the crazy giant homes, the biggest, baddest mansions within a reasonable driving radius, and tell them your story in an amazing little marketing piece, with this essential message: “If the biosphere trusted us, you can too”, and point out that large, beautiful homes like theirs require a window cleaning and experience skillset that is quite rare, and tell them that 5star’s friendly, dedicated crew has it.

I would probably create a brief video, burn it on to a DVD, slap a sweet label on it, and include it in a bulky, lumpy mailer. The video would include some footage from the news, from your own video (hopefully you took some video), some pics, some feedback from your client that is so thrilled with how everything turned out, and a brief ‘meet our team’ portion, too, where they can ‘meet’ the actual crew that worked with you, and that still works with you. And I would emphasize how crazy it is that your ‘small’ company that still treats every client like they’re your only client was selected from a large pool of possible vendors, and how your tenacity and commitment made it all happen. And I would have a switchable clip somewhere in the video that showed you strolling through their neighbourhood (probably near the beginning, and switch the clip for each monster-home neighbourhood.

This of course, is a bit of a simplification, since you would also need to build a basic demographic profile of these mansion folks, and then leverage their unique wants/needs, for sure. I think that the first opening words would have to speak to them and their unique area and needs first, and then move into the other stuff that I mentioned above.

And I would try initially sending just a teaser-piece, telling them to request their FREE “how-did-they-do-that?” 17 minute DVD kit, if they phone you before Dec 1st, which also includes a coupon for FREE pressure washing, or something like that. And maybe even a free admission to the Biosphere, if you think that an offer like that would appeal to them.

[INDENT][SIZE=“4”]Here’s something cheap and fast to try immediately:[/SIZE]

I would consider going in other directions with a marketing piece, too, and would try sending a photocopy of what looks like a poorly ripped newspaper clipping talking about the biosphere project (like the one on your website homepage), with a little handwritten sticky note that says only -

“Hey - did you see this? Apparently Kim’s been using these guys because of her high windows, too, and loves them…”, and sign the note “R” or some other vague initial only, and maybe put in a little “P.S. Say hi to the girls!” or something like that. And I would write on the photocopied page itself, in pen “”, at the bottom of the text blurb.

That way, they’ll think its from someone close, but have no idea who sent it. I would stick it in an unsealed envelope, one-page + sticky note only. It’s got to look like a genuine, no-frills photocopied little message. I would take you literally 60 seconds to make each one, and it would be dirt-cheap.[/INDENT]


Next, I would repeat the same basic process for the part of your local commercial market that you have reason to believe is the most lucrative, and assemble a similar package and campaign angle.

That’s just some stuff off the top of my head, Curt.

I do think that you should try and do something fairly quickly, though, before the public buzz about the biosphere clean wears off. The “strike while the iron’s hot” kind of thing.

I would also change all my estimate materials to include a one-page summary of the biosphere job as an appendix, with some crazy pics, your face, a strong guarantee, and some comments from the biosphere client about how awesome you guys are, and just what a pleasure you were to work with from start to finish, and how you’ll be the only company they use from here on out.

And I’d send out a message to your existing client base, also reiterating all this stuff, and assuring them that you’re looking forward to continuing to keep their biosphere bright and beautiful in the days ahead, too, and even offer a Biosphere-related celebratory promotion of some sort.


I have to say, your genius never disappoints! WOW. I have got to figure out a way this week to take a few days to work ON my business rather than IN it. You are so right about striking while the iron is hot, because it is. I know the slow season is coming in January and I need to use this momentum to keep us busy then! I wonder what you’d recommend as far as milking this project out that far?

In any event, I’ll keep you posted, I will figure out a way to carry this out ASAP, because I owe it to our guys to keep them busy… they really worked hard for me!

No problem, Curt.

Since I needed a break, anyway, here’s a gift for you:

I’ve made what I was thinking of for you already, as a downloadable, high-res PDF file, 8.5" x 11" high, that you can just print off your computer right now. The link for it is at the bottom of this post.

Here’s what it looks like (basically a rough photocopy of a newspaper article):

And here’s where and how you can position and write the post-it, as well as ad the little URL at the bottom, which will be intentionally unique, and trackable:

Hope that helps.

You can start printing them today, put the little post-it notes one them, fold them in thirds, and stuff them in unsealed envelopes that say “Hey - open me” or something similar on the outside of the envelope, in the same writing as the post-it.

Here’s the high-res, print-ready PDF download link:

Now you have something to use right away, assuming of course that you have a few post-it notes lying around…



P.S. Why not pay one of your guys to spend 2 hours tomorrow, walking around and delivering them in some target neighbourhoods?

P.S.S. The marketing enthusiast in my also says that you should split-test the message on the post-it, and try 2 different messages, and then change the URL, too, to see which one got the most response.

Unique URL’s will run you about $10 each, pretty affordable.

Well done Curt!! They trust and know your work now, so don’t be afraid to bid the new stuff for a nice profit for your company! You owe it to yourself.

BTW, Kevin’s idea’s are the bomb!! :smiley:


Way to go 5 star,that is a major job you guys are doing,your friends in chandler az

I won’t be able to spare any guys tomorrow, but I will be able to schedule some time in early next week.

But boy does that look nice!

Super sharp and really quite a nice approach. I will be sure to get the TV spots ASAP on the website so I have that there when people get to the website. I am going to spend Saturday afternoon (the next time I’m not working) working on making this happen and I’ll report next week.

Thanks again for you kindness.

In the words of Lynard Skynard: 'You’ve got that right"!

We definitely are done with charity work and have proven ourselves.

Now that I think about it, Kevin doesn’t need to be doing this charity work either, as he has proven himself time and again. We didn’t talk price, but I think Kevin deserves something for the consulting that he gives away like this!

What’s your address Kevin?

This one’s on me, Curt!

First one’s free…:slight_smile:

Thx for the offer, though…I sincerely appreciate it.

You never asked me to do this for you, so I would never want a dime for it. I felt it would be a good opportunity for everyone to see how quick and easy it can be to roll out powerful marketing materials in an hour or two.


P.S. Can you pay a neighbor kid to pass some of these out tomorrow? $10/hr?