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Well I updated my computer two months ago and was unsure about software.I tried my old invoice program with their new version and I did not like it.Tried the customer factor and cancelled after a few days and Steve gave me a full refund.I thought quickbooks was the answer.Been using it for the last month and a little voice kept telling me the customer factor.Well two days ago I signed up again , sent their support a question about a new feature .In less then 24 hours had a response that they were about to debute the feature I was asking about and was asked to leave my phone number for a follow up call.Steve called me today and spent over an hour and a half walking me thru the system. I even asked about possible new features and he made notes and said he would have the guys get to it. Talk about customer service, he is awesome and has a customer for life. Glad the little voice was perstitant.

Steve is a great guy and his software is getting better and better.

That’s a nice story. Good to hear.

WCR has just partnered up with Steve and the Customer Factor. Look for an announcement in the coming days.

I noticed that partnership while on TCF this morning. Sweet.

I can’t say enough good things about The Customer Factor. I started using it last Fall and it has saved me tons of time and hassle. And it keeps getting better and better. Great news that WCR and TCF are getting together. TCF is so cheap but worth 10 times the price.

I am not very sophisticated when it comes to computers, software, systems, etc…

But the Customer Factor has helped us sooo much with our meager 450 clients. Why i did not get it sooner is the question.

My wife is beginning to do all the office end stuff. And let me tell you , she has had to call Steve so many times about small issues and he has been so helpful. He always personally gives as much time as is necessary to help and happily (so it seems). As a business owner myself, I have to say Steve cares about his clients and it shows.

Look forward to seeing that

Love Customer Factor also. It has transformed my business. Made it simpler and more efficient. What was the new feature that you asked about?

The new feature was: I have customers that will ask for monthly,semi monthly,and quarterly bids. With most invoice programs if you have 3 line items on an estmate it will total the three lines .That would confuse my customers so I would create 3 different estimates. Now he will do one estimate with the option to total the three line items or to not total them. The other thing I wanted was a way to know when and how an invoice or estimate was sent , he said that feature is almost done.Been inputing customers all day and the software is very cool.

I love customer factor but what I really have been noticing lately is it’s stability. We use it for maid service (we service about 300 customers a month), window cleaning, pressure washing and all of our other services. It has held up great. Other programs calendars have started getting buggy if you have more than 10 jobs in a day. CF is a solid program. Steve is also the kind of guy that will make a change to the entire program just to meet your needs. He has done that for me more than once now.

Big thumbs up from me too on working with Steve. He provides the customer service that I hope I provide to my customers. There seems to be an email every week about new updates to the software.

I can relate to both of these. Even today when I call he’ll spend as much time as I need to solve my problem. He’s also added several features I requested. Very smart guy - I’ve had some requests that seemed good until we talked them thru. Seems like he always makes the right decision :slight_smile: -

Can’t think of one phone call or email he didn’t return within a day. He definately wins the customer service award.


I saw that on our CF home page! Super cool!

I couldn’t agree more with the positive comments about CF. We have really been impressed with steve’s responsiveness to our suggestions. It’s not perfect, but he really seems like he’s taking the software to a higher level and making easier to use for a medium sized WC company.

Steve does an awesome job! He knows what customer service is all about. I’ve been using TCF for almost 3 yrs now.

Steve has done it again! The dude never lets me down , I try to emulate his customer service . As I am adding Responsibid and having some issues with other computer problems .I needed to call Steve . I always love the hello and enthusiasm in his voice , I tell him he should do voice overs . He got me straight with the questions on his end and then went on to help me with other computer problems unrelated to CF or Responsibid ! The dude is awesome ad so is his product! Thanks Steve

Just wanted to give another shout out about Steve . The dude is beyond awesome. Even after he had to answer a ton of calls and emails when his site had a glitch the other day he still made time to call my wife with unrelated computer issues. Then yesterday he spent a bunch of time with me on the phone and with remote access for issues that was not his problem but would help my business run better . I call Steve my silent partner as his software has enabled me to reach higher levels with less headaches and ease. Steve is the man!

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