The final solution

Hi all,
like many of you `Ive been experimenting with soap solutions.
Trawled through everyones opinions on the matter,very inconclusive,fairy is great, gg 4/3 rules, squeege off etc you get the drift?I would think that these are opinions rather than a tested approach, do work with me on this point, I am not disrespecting anyones opinion.

If everyone had the time eg the last half hour of your work day, to scientifically approach the problem to use different soaps ,mixes etc, could we come up with the ultimate window cleaning solution?
I would say the that use a new rubber whilst testing various solutions would be a starting point.
perhaps a staring point would be the dreaded fairy,gg4/3,persil,stardrops, then mixs of other stuff.
My own bug bear, is wht add stuff to specialised window solutions ie gg stuff, surely something so dear should not require added soap.
I await your comments,
ps merry x mas all

We did.

And the results are…

GG4 with a f

soooooooooooooooo, the point is buy an expensive window cleaning solution, then add stuff to it?I can sell you some water for x bucks, all ya gotta do is add a little washing up liquid to it!

Not again please, it’s Holidays :slight_smile:

At least this is going to be [U]one[/U] of the last debates of [U]this[/U] year on that subject.

I don’t like “washing up liquid” mixed with water. It’s a freakin’ mess. GG4 ane not expensive to me. I make great money using a very affordable mix that I love because it works well for me. I have no problem at all with it. As a matter of fact it’s my preference over anything out there.

The point is use whatever you like and I’ll use whatever I like. Arguing about it is silly. My previous post was not serious. I’m sorry that you thought it was.

I’ll give you the “final solution”…Next subject please.

mmmmm, maybe im using too much of it. I use two teaspoons for every 3 gallons. Im going to try to use less and see if i can still get the “slip” i need.

I probably use 1/8th of an ounce of Glide per 3 gallons of solution.

Sorry, the heading on this post got this song stuck in my head

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What will clean windows in old, historic buildings? The usual solutions aren’t working.

Great song by another forgotten 80’s hair band!

What are the specific problems you are encountering w/ the “usual soluiotns” and what are those solutions that you are referring to?

basically i am saying, is there anyone out there in the field, using an alternative solution
it seems to me by using the pro products,they are great if you add a little soap these are pro products why add soap,they should meet all wc requirements
as they are priced higher than other products,can we come up with an alternative?

I don’t add soap to my GG4. I add a little Winsol Super Slip in the heat of summer for a little added glide and to keep the soluiotn from drying out as fast.

Some times we have to slow the bus down for the guys who keep standing up in the back. :slight_smile:

I use glisten. I use Dawn. I use ammonia, I use Glide. sometimes I use all four in one bucket. But I KNOW when to use what.

I use 12", 14, 16, 18, 20, 22" channels. I use sorbo, Ettore, Ubger. I have a dodge and have Firestone tires. I use Slick 50, amsoil and filtran.

I have some Lee Jeans, and some Levis jeans. I also have some shorts and flip flops.

There are plenty of alternates. why reinvent the wheel?

I knew it, I knew this was a damned soap post… ARRRRGH!

I also find it hard to believe that the much loved GG4 is not a well rounded product. And I don’t think anyone can figure out why it is not (Titan says it has nice glide!)

I do know this, the glide is a little different if you are using hard or soft water. When I was using my outside tap the slip was worse than when I filled with warm water from my laundry sink (which gets water from the softener)

I am actually able to go without anything else in it. It did take a while to get used to, but I do not miss the mess from the bubbles.

I do not think anyone is wrong or right as to what they use. Nothing made is a good fit for everyone.

They creep up on you when you ain’t looking. Just when you thought it was safe :stuck_out_tongue:

oops. wrong thread.

never mind