The only good thing about Florida besides the nice surf is the fall and winter…getting to wear gym shorts and sandals for Christmas.

The heat index today was over 106 where I live. And of course, no clouds to help out or nice breeze for that “Ahhh, thank you jesus” momentary refreshing feel.

So I had to stop frequently and consume mass quantities of H2O…Which gave me a thought.
“the camel-back”

It’s a small discreet backpack that holds water in it; I’m sure many people know what it is.

I wear a typical business shirt with the business name and number and other stuff on the front and back…I think it would be cool to get a camel-back that has this printing on it so it doesn’t block your professional looking shirt and provides convenient water to drink.

Does anyone do this, or heard of it??? I’m really considering doing this because dehydration is Huge down here.

Any thoughts?

It was 115 f today here, with the humidity index probably a lot higher. I think we run at 100% humidity most days - any one thats been in Mississippi/N’orleons in the summer knows that one. Anyway, Drank 5 gallons of water - didn’t pee till 9 p.m. tonight.

I think it hits 150 in Dubai quite regular - or so someone was telling me.

Jeff brimble was playing with the camel-back for suppling his wfp - don’t think he connected it though.

yeah 106 with humdity making it feel like 110/115f easy.

150f???WOW! peoples skin must be leather over there to stand that.

I guess that’s why they are culturally brown.

And were not.

108 here in Oklahomie. 100% humidity as always.

A friend of mine from El Paso came up and had to leave because of the humidity here. I thought it was hotter in El Paso than here?

He said it is hotter in El Paso, but it’s a Dry Heat. What is that suppossed to mean anyway. Dry Heat.

It’s still HOT isn’t it?

I know how he feels. I am in New Mexico and it may be hotter but we are normally used to 3-10% humidity. I can stand out in the heat here all day long, no sunburn, no sweat, no prob. I took my family to Disney world and thought we were all going to die! It’s not the heat just the humidity that was the problem.
I used to wear a camel bak. I took it off after two days. I do mostly residential work and I can’t tell you how many times I got that thing stuck in the trees and bushes. Now i settle for the water bottle in a pocket or belt pouch. sometimes both.

How would you like it up here, in Toronto.

Torrential rain on Saturday - Wettest summer ever (officially now June-August), cool this weekend only low 70’s, sunny one minute, thunderstorm the next, partly cloudy, rain, rain more rain, sun…The weather changes every minute.

Yea August is one bad mutha,work has been slow and I would rather be baking out in the heat making some money

Go to your local military base and look around outside the base. Look for dry cleaners. Every base I have been too had a dry cleaner very close to the base that provided stitched name tapes like the ones you see on the military uniforms. I know they come in a ton of different colors. They will only hold a certain amount of letters on them, but you can get multiple ones and stack them. Also they are a lot cheaper then a standard printing shop doing the embroidery. My old military uniforms used to cost me under $5 each for the tape. I got a quote to do my shirts at a local print shop, they wanted over $600 for 25 shirts. I stopped in by the base dry cleaner and they did all 25 shirts for $200.

how long ago was that?

11/12/07 was the last time I stepped on a base with a uniform on. Not long ago at all.

BTW they will even sow them on the pack for you.

where do ya live?

I live in Alaska but own a window cleaning company called New Jersey Window Washing. People up here love the service, they comment all the time “You do it just like they do in NY”. lol

you really live in alsaka? That’s sweet!
Is there much competitiveness?

LOL Come on now. I can’t leave the arm pit of america. There is always something exciting going on here. Like this morning. I was getting ready to roll out for estimate and my neighbor was on his lawn in his tighty whitys yelling at his wife. (I am friend with both, very well). He claims he is bi polar. I think he is just lazy (has not worked in 2 years). Well long story short she had boxes, not a bag, but boxes. Told him to go “Go F your Lazy A**, I’m done!! You will hear from my lawyer!! Cry cry”. He came over to me and I just said “Dude I got work to do.” and I left. Well this afternoon he was on the lawn again, now in boxer shorts and her dad was over. He was now yelling at her dad, calling him “Fat Ass”. Once again long story short. I watch fat ass knock out lazy son in law and leave. I’m serious I left him lay on the lawn, never called the cops or anything. 5 minutes later I then hear his sprinkler system come on, look out the window and he was walking back into the house. He rung my phone like 10 times today. LOL. He is cool but recently has been a total ass to his wife. I won’t get involved even though my wife keeps telling me I need to help him get in line. lol. Yeah ok baby, next week, next week. lol

LOL. I hear ya. I would never leave the penis of america, fl

I could never live down there. Too much heat and a penis make for some very sticky problems lol.

I’m used to handling big things with sticky problems:eek:

To close to France? ha ha joking of course.

I would call it an island that is prob a lot nicer then where I live lol.