The Information Age Smackdown!

This is why it is so important in this day and age to have integrity and do good work. This is from cragslist

[B]DO NOT USE ***** ******** (A Perfect View) for window cleaning![/B]

He just walked off the job!!!

We hired ***** ******** to clean all of the windows of our home. He and his worker started cleaning the windows at 8AM. About an hour into the job and without saying a word, they packed up all of their stuff and just drove away. He left all of our screens strewn about our house inside and out. I tried calling and sending him an email in an attempt to figure out what the problem was, but there was no answer, and he didn’t return my call. He was also supposed to clean our neighbor’s windows right after mine, and also flaked on them. As I stated to him in my email, this was VERY unprofessional!

In their brochure, it says “referrals are the lifeblood of our company”. Well, we would suggest that you use a different company. I’m sure that if it was so easy for him to walk off our job with nothing being said, he must have done it in the past, and probably will again in the future.

An unfinished and unsatisfied customer!


I agree with you CFP. Being professional 100% of the time is important. All it takes is a Goggle search. On the flip side, all it takes is a competitor to list a claim like this to smear your name.

Was that your company cfp???

dang man, you really have it out for CFP, huh?

I think in a world full of theft, unaccountability, dishonesty and laziness it’s important to emphasize excellence and integrity.

I agree CFP

Yeah, that guy thinks he is the marketing god, That is a guy who thinks he knows everything about everything. he just rubs me the wrong way…

bro, you rub everyone the wrong way…

I barely know sh-t, that is a fact. I just find marketing facinating… deal with it.

I also can tell by your posts that you don’t know sh-t either, we should get along.

a good reminder to always be professional and emphaize that to the customer. Just ignore Dougg, buddy.

You’re not doing yourself any favors by attacking him, though, Doug.

Not impressing anyone either, just irritating the rest of us that respect him and his opinions.

Thanks Kevin and Mike…

I am so over this trivial stuff. I have finally reached a point where I am liked and respected by most of the forum. I used to be a trouble maker too… not a good place to be.

[B]My[/B] war with Doug is terminated (feel free to keep at it doug, but it is one sided)


Man too bad we can’t just all get along…is it really that hard to do? We all at one time or another get ticked off by someone on the forum, its normal, we’re human. Get over it or go elsewhere is what i think.

I like the new CFP. Keep it up!

I only started with you because you started it with me,

If you want to stop and be friends, thats fine with me too.

I am not here looking for enemies paul.

Girls…you are both pretty.


I have read my local Craigs “Rants and Raves” section from time to time and have seen a few company’s on there getting bashed bigtime. I have always lived by the motto: “Treat everyone like they are going to be picky as hell”. It works for me. Keeps me on my toes.