The Moerman Liquidator Squeegee: The documentary. Lee Burbidge

I’ve been a pulex rubber man for years, they seemed to work best in the wagtail, but have recently been testing the moerman rubbers for a few months now,( in wagtail only) and have found them to be very good in fact I’m pretty close to changing over to moerman rubbers completely as they are cheaper, But this test was for wagtail only as I don’t use any other type of squidgee… Yet

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I am chompin at the bit here!! Bring it on… Liquidator is going to be awesome!!!

Looks like all we need now is an allinone liquidator on a swivel and you got the best squeege on the planet…

LOL or a bloodbath. The Green Eyed Monster is already howling at the moon. :slight_smile:

check out this thread.

Here is some rough prices and sizing

Do you think there will be a 16" ? That’s my go to size on route work

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Wow, those are some really reasonable prices, considering all of the development that’s gone into them.

I’m hoping that the end clips are removable, so that we can cut channels to size and refit the tips. It’ll have to be a snug fit, of course, so they don’t come off on their own.
[MENTION=441]BostonMike[/MENTION], [MENTION=37946]woodland[/MENTION], or anyone else- has anyone mentioned what the channels are made of? I’m assuming aluminum, but I don’t know if that’s been confirmed.

Here’s my money, i’ll take one of each!

Seriously though could we start pre-ordering. I’m sure u could get a lot of takers. Impatient window cleaners here!!!

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Chris, those are really cheap prices.
I want at least 2 each.


Yea - so far pricing looks good - should know more soon

I don’t do much s method with poll work so I really hope they make some big sizes ie 24-36 in.

I wouldn’t count on it. The channel profile is more along the line of standard brass or stainless steel, not wide body like Sorbo or slayer. For widths wider than about 22" you really want to go wide body as it holds its shape better on the glass.

i’ve hired someone to continually hit refresh at the wcr store for the next two weeks. good luck getting your order in before me, SUCKAS!!!

I’ve got my sniper script running. And it works 24/7 and doesn’t need coffee breaks.

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Your sniper script is compromised. My black hat operatives in Fujian have been all over it for weeks. Nice try though. #liquidator_wars

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^ I’m “moerman” than u two will ever be… So I should get mine first… Obviously!!!

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while you guys are fighting over placing your order on the internet I will simply call in to the shop first thing in the morning and order 10 of each.

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Yeah, those guys are funny. They’re still trying to “hack” my vcr. Oh, and just because you wear a black baseball cap doesn’t make you a hacker.

What do you mean “Call”? Like with a phone? Who does that? Humm, maybe I should “call” too.