The Mole and Jersey Show 2.10


Great show guys. Thanks for the Shout out!

You guys did it! [MENTION=3418]michaelmole[/MENTION] [MENTION=3]josh_cronin[/MENTION] Perfect balance of commentating awesomeness!

The Mole & Jersey show is always hilarious! Keep it up guys!!!

[MENTION=3471]Alex Lacey[/MENTION], I mention you in this show at 10 mins and 10 seconds. Check it out!

Now I have to shoot a video, huh?

That S-10 was a slick setup- very pretty tank, and ingenious to chop it down and lower the deck height. And 25 MPG is impressive (must be 2WD though- that wouldn’t fly up north). I average 28-30, but I’m in need of a tune-up.

If I was to do just power washing, I believe I could fit all of that inside the xB… But I don’t think I’d want to run the machine inside of the car, lol.

Yes, please do shoot us a video! You can throw it on YouTube and send me a link to Or even better, toss it in Dropbox and send the link to that same address.