The name's Webb.....John Webb

I can’t say enough good things about working with John Webb when it came time to redesign my websites. Not only was he fast, courteous, patient with me, and every other good thing I can think of, it was one of those very rare times where I WAS SO HAPPY WITH HIS SERVICE THAT I COULDN’T WAIT TO PAY HIM because the overall experience was so good! The only other person with this level of service is Curt Kempton with responsibid. Seriously I can’t say enough good things and if you need help with website design he is[I] the[/I] guy! Thanks again John!

Wow Damian, thanks man!

I have to echo your post…[B]JOHN WEBB ROCKS!!! [/B]Thanks again John for your help, you make it seem so easy to fix what I need to do. I would have still been trying to figure it out.Btw, John did my website—check it out— and im very pleased with the site, the price,and especially the input, patience, & overall helpfullness John provides. Get your template here & let John help you out…you wont be disappointed.

Can i ask what you paid for the complete service ?

Just saw this. I’d rather not discuss pricing on the forum. His pricing now may not be the same as when I contacted him. I don’t want to tie him down to a “well you did the same thing for him at XXX.00 price.” Best advice I can give you is to call him. I found his pricing to be very reasonable.

Can someone help me get a hold of John Web, I cant PM him because i don’t have enough posts yet! I would like to have him build a website for me thanks.

I dont think John is doing website work for folks anymore.

He works for the developer that did my website so if you want the info and pricing pm me.

Oh thats good to new… He does great work…

Yea John is awesome and the company he works for isn’t the cheapest but they are legit. I have sold a couple sites/logo designs for a a couple companies and they loved what they did.

I cant pm anyone yet I don’t have enough posts. you can pm me the info though, thanks for the help.