The never ending soap debate

Get lids for your buckets and mix it before you start your day

I like to use GG4 for residential. For commercial either palmolive or original dawn since they are more frequently done. I never use any scented dish soaps but just the original brand. I love the smell of palmolive the best.

I have tried both ettore squeegee off and the unger brand soaps and hated them. It takes a little experimenting to find something you really like. I hate leaving white soapy lines so I use very little soap.

I have never even thought about the customer seeing me put soap in. They just want their windows washed.
If they are going to be upset at you for using Dawn, what will they do if you use something you
bought at the dollar store?

The Dawn I buy only costs a dollar hehe

This debate has gone on for years and it is still the same. If you get good results and are happy stick with Dawn. But if you plan on using a wfp in the future this is what will happen. Those windows that were cleaned with dawn will take lots of rinsing to get all the soap off them. So that tells me one thing, it does leaves some residue on the windows. I use the wfp on almost all jobs. There have been several occasions where I cleaned windows with traditional method using GG. The next time I cleaned those same windows with the wfp they did not suds up or need anymore rinsing than normal. What does this tell you?

Tell them you buy your Dawn at Macy’s. :slight_smile:

If theres squeaks when Im fanning I will typically get squeegee burn. This is where dish soap has an advantage over the pro soaps…its just alot slicker, thus reducing drag.
Ive been using a mix of about a 1/2 tablespoon of dish soap and 1/4 cup of gg3 with 2 1/2 gallons of water.
If I use too much dish soap it will bleed too much making toweling a bit of a joke especially as the weather gets colder or on rainy humid days.
I use gg3 as my detergent. It seems to do a quicker job of cleaning bird crap, bug spots etc than just dish soap alone.
I also get alot of comments if I use a scented dish soap, (I like anything that is apple scented), my customers, especially women are very keen on smells and often comment on how clean their windows smell!
Anyway, my 2 cents. This is what works for me.

G4 G4 G4 how come no one is talking about G3? I didn’t know which one to buy so I picked G3, wrong one? I’m not in love with it, more drag, smells funny.

GG4 is designed for hard water areas.

My PPM is 144. I thought that was soft but those English guys think it’s border line hard.

Ours runs from 125 to 700 depending on where you are.

Do you think someone would be telling a tall tale if they claimed there water was 40 ppm? I had nothing to reference that to until I tested my own at 144ppm and I thought winnipeg had about the best drinking water around… I mean we’re surrounded by lakes. That English guy must be right at the bottom of a fresh glacial stream or something, or my local government has been punking us with our own water quality.

G4 G4 G4 how come no one is talking about G3?

I did.

ppm here is 30-70 on average. Anything over 90 ppm and I cant really use wfp. Leaves too many spots. I only use a DI tank though.

So basically, if a person was using a bit of Dawn along with GG4 they would be wasting their time because the Dawn would still be leaving some residue?

The tds reading in itself doesn’t indicate how good or how bad the water is for drinking.

You wouldn’t be wasting your time. But both the GG4 and Dawn would each leave residue because all soaps leave a residue when using the squeegee method.

Some argue that GG4 leaves less residue but there’s actually no proof anywhere that I know of. I used GG4 for 4 years and finally went back to Dawn because it gets the windows just as clean.

I simply enjoy window cleaning more when using Dawn, I guess due to it’s ease of use because of the wonderful glide it provides.

John Lee gave great evidence of the difference earlier when he talked about using wfp after someone had used dish soap. He has to rinse much more because of the residue left behind by the dish soap. Plus GG has no glycerin whereas it’s a main component of dish soap and the majority of the residue is from the glycerin.

One thing I do notice about GG, besides it being harder to fan, is that the glass really does sparkle.

John’s post did not speak of evidence; it was still a subjective opinion, despite his experience.

Mineral content typically defines taste.