The new guys first post!

I’m here to help and give my opinion about window cleaning tools. Any questions you have feel free to ask! thanks.

Welcome. I take it you work for Unger.

thank you. i do.

Hey there Jack-Man,

Hows you doing ! Good to have you here !

I love Ettore…But I really dig the Unger ScrimGem…

Again, good having you !


thank you

I’ll Pm you…


When are you going to thin them clip on the ninja ? Its a great channel but i cant use it all the time. I do a lot of commercial work and it will not fit under the door handles…

What is your title? Where are you located?

Why does it say in your notes your favorite squeegee is an Ettore?

I dont think this guy is from Unger. He is not using a Unger corporate email address.

Please what is your name and title at Unger?

Apologies if I am mistaken.

I have a question. When will Unger get rid of their ugly green colors?:wink:

Perhaps the Ninja BOAB is a start.

I have some red Unger gear – it’s part of their Restroom Cleaning line.

You can buy some ugly black and blue Unger consumer-grade products at Home Depot.

Lastly, their Smart Color anti-cross-contamination line us gray.

Thanx Larry. I obviously am not into Unger except for their tool belt accessories and scrim. I will buy a Ninja eventually.

I stand corrected… This gentleman is with Unger.

Apologies again and carry on!

Real name? Position with Unger? Location?

sorry i did not edited my profile before i posted, thats why it said my favorite squeegee was Ettore

my real name is Sean Jackson, i am a field associate, and i live in los angeles.

thank you

What are the duties of a field associate?

Are you here as an official Unger representative (we have others…)?

Sean, Larry is our official welcoming committee. Isn’t he sweet?