The new guys

So I dropped my car off at the dealership today to get some work done and I notice the new window cleaning crew there. Now, we did the windows at this dealership for probably ten years and they came to us and said they needed to scale back expences. Fine, whatever. I see the new crew there cleaning the windows and I think to myself, “I am at an AUDI dealership and they don’t care that these thug looking amatures are cleaning their windows.” One of the guys was brand new on the job and learning on their showroom windows. One squeegee, straight across everytime no matter what size the glass. All I could here was screeching from the rubber going over dry glass. It was funny but sad at the same time. Anyway, people get what they pay for I guess. :confused:

I think I’d give it a month or two. They may realize they made a mistake. I’ve had dealerships to do that too.

If they don’t come back, I’d find somewhere else to take my car for service. lol.

at night show up and spray salt water all over the dealership windows, come back in a few days and tell them they should have kept you and that’s what they get when using ex-convicts

hmmmm…let me sleep on that one!:slight_smile:

Just give it time, they’ll be back…unless you were absolutely raping them on the price.

Define “raping them on price” please.

I had a similar thing happen to me. I found out that the guy was charging $75 for what I charged almost $300 for!:eek:

Difference was quality… I removed, and replaced all posters and items on sills… he just dripped on, or skip them all together.

They did call me back and I conceded to $200 per cleaning… only to lose it again a few months later.

Some people never learn!:rolleyes:

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Are you talking about yourself or the client?