The New WCR FREE T shirt Offer

To get your FREE shirt all you have to do is put up a few links to us on your website.


Simply Paste the 3 following snippets of code into your site.

                                             <a href="[](">Window Cleaning New Jersey</a> -Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing NJ, Gutter Cleaning NJ<br>

<a href=“”>Window Cleaning </a> -window cleaning, window cleaning equipment, window cleaning supplies <br>

<a href=“”>Window Cleaning Equipment </a> -Window Cleaning Supplies, Window Cleaning Information, Window Cleaning Products<br>

Step 2

Go over to our store:

Pick out what ever shirt you want, then simply check out just like you would place an order.

Under Special Instructions on the checkout page, paste in the web page where our 3 links are located, so we can validate they are up.

Step 3[/B]

Sit at home and anxiously await your shiny new FREE T shirt.

I’ve put a link anyway, eventhough you dont post to the UK.:stuck_out_tongue:

We love the UK!!

I forgot to mention the system will no allow for an international order… So If you are anywhere outside the US… just email me all the info once the link is up and we will get your shirt out.


Brilliant - those white ones really show the coffee/tea stains!
XL black for me - I’m not man enough to wear pink :smiley:
Besides that the green matches my eyes…

Are these shirts pre-worn by Mandy?

Can I have mine pre-worn by the cat, it will match my other t-shirts :smiley:

I want one presently worn by Mandy…

Sure. I’ll have Chris cram Eddie Murphy in a shirt for you Karl.

Hey - get me the photo as well :slight_smile:

I got one in pink. What are you saying Karl? My wife says the pink matches my eyes.:smiley:

That’s what I like to see Tony, don’t be afraid to let these guys know your affection for pink. You can’t just hide it all the time like with your panties.

Bravo for just putting it out there

Suddenly this has gone terribly wrong!:eek:

I like it - which drink made 'em pink :wink:

Its also a strange fact that one of our cats is called Murphy :eek:

This thread is getting weird!:wink:

the new shirts are sick!

Where are the XXLs for the man-sized WCers?

hmm, I think Phil bought them all for his girlfriend…

Hey Chris if you ever decide to break into the European market you could sponsor Serie A team Palermo. The colors right, and it dosen’t look like they currently have a sponsor. I was watching the match today and all I could think was “that shirt would look great with the WCR logo on it”