The Perfect Line?

Hey guys… I have just started my door to door stuff and so far not so good… is there just one perfect line that I can use? Or perhaps something that someone has had alot of success with? Does this technique usually work? Anything would help. Thanks

I hate door to door.

What else are you doing?

Try this (Paneless Perfection top-secret door-to-door method)

This works if you have ZERO clients in a certain area you want to build a customer base in. Once you have even one scheduled, you should change this approach to include reference to you caring for the one on a specific day in the near future.

[INDENT]Knock on the door, and then step off the porch a few feet away from the door, and occupy yourself with admiring their flowerbed or something else beautiful or intriguing about their property, bending your knees even, to look at something, [I]not even facing the door[/I].

Then, when they come out, and say ‘May I help you?’, say
"Oh…hi there! I was admiring your beautiful garden here, wow - I never would have thought to lay out the garden this way, but it works beautifully with your home. I love it…" (at this point they’ll probably say ‘may I help you’ again, or maybe ‘thank you - what can I do for you’, something like that)

You respond “My name is ___________ , and I’m from Oasis Window Care. (hand them a business card or postcard as if they asked for one) Was someone in this home looking for a window cleaning estimate?”

In all likelihood, they’ll say “No.” (since they weren’t)


Then say “Oh - okay, I must have the wrong place, listen - have yourself a great day, and keep up the great work on your garden (or whatever you originally talked about), it really brightens up your home!”, and start to walk away, giving them a friendly little wave.

YES - WALK AWAY AND DON’T SAY ANOTHER WORD. You’ve got to be committed to actually leaving at this point in the conversation, and they need to believe that you are really leaving.

Many people will [I]stop you[/I] at this point and say “How much would it cost for me to get the windows done?” - which is when you can start to work your wiles on the prospect. [/INDENT]

Now, you owe me a coffee!

Many people will [I]stop you[/I] at this point and say “How much would it cost for me to get the windows done?” - which is when you can start to work your wiles on the prospect. [/INDENT]

Now, you owe me a coffee![/QUOTE]

NICE… I will give that a try… willing to try anything… it’s weird… I am a people person but not a door to door person.

I am 3 hrs away from you… I will have to send you a Tim’s Card! haha

I am also doing fliers… but not really sure if they are working… Also going to run a few newspaper ads in about a week… again hopefully that will work. It’s so frustrating… this is such a good busniess… and people could really use it. (especially the people that are saying no they don’t want it… their windows are so bad you can barely see out of them? and they have a beautiful house. I walk up to those houses that are really nice with really bad windows thinking that it’s going to be a slam dunk, no problem sale and they still say no???

I am not sure how you don’t know if the fliers are working. Is the phone ringing?

People DO NOT get their windows cleaned because they are dirty alone. If your fliers and ads are keying in on that, they will all bomb.

Exactly! Your window cleaning clients are the ones that look like they don’t need your services. I used to flyer houses thinking “wow, these windows are really dirty, they’re sure to call.” When I do get a call on that street to do an estimate, I’m always surprised at what house it is; the one’s with pretty clean windows.

no doubt. I have had customers with filthy, stinky houses. Yet they are concerned with their windows.

then again, I have had a guy take a leak with the door open while I am standing there…

Well I guess I had better stop skipping the houses that look like they don’t need it and only going to the houses that look like they do… I will keep working on my fliers for now… they seem to be doing ok for me… could be more but the phone is ringing… just could be more… only doing about 4 to 6 houses a week right now. need to increase those numbers.

Oasis>> don’t get discouraged while going door to door or passing fliers, it takes time. Not everyone will be interested, or maybe not at the exact time you went. If you looked serious, personable, and professional, you left a card or flier with the homeowner, they may keep it, you may receive a call further down the road. Some people need to see the same thing at least 7 times before they act on it.

You got to get used to hearing “no” Try Kevin’s little top secret (not anymore) method! it just may work for you. And like Mark said, don’t just look for the very dirty windows, there is usually a reason they got that dirty…they don’t care or they don’t bother to hire a window cleaner.
Sooner or later you’ll start hearing yes, do a great job your first couple places and the calls will come in, word of mouth is amazing!

4-6 houses a week is not bad, across it all depends on how much your charging these customers. Maybe you could try to increase how much you charge your customers so that you wont have to do that many homes per week.
Maybe raise your prices so quanity is not really an issue

VERY IMPORTANT! Canvass the areas you just cleaned. People feel better using the same companies as their neighbours.

Script: [I]“Good afternoon, my name is Mark and I’m from Beautiful View Window Cleaning. I just cleaned the windows over at #29 down the road and thought I’d give out some free estimates while I’m still in the area. Would you like to know how much it’ll cost to clean your window?”[/I]

Once I get everything moved over from my old computer, I’ll upload the simple flyer that has returned 12 jobs out of about 180 flyers and it’s only been 4 days. I can’t wait until the weather really gets nice.

Sure the flyer is for a $99 special, but for an hour’s work, I’ll take 4 $99 jobs three days in a row! 12 hours, $1200. The jobs have come from two targeted areas that have condos just like the one I live in and all but two casement windows are on the ground floor. The other 12 windows are all super close to one another and all have screens. The job would normally cost about $129.

needs some improvement like email address, clearly state that it’s inside and outside, ect, but it’s a good start and has generated good results. Just find a sunny day and find the right neighborhood. The flyers cost $0.06 each, so spend $12 and have 200 printed and see what you can round up in an afternoon.$99 flyer.docx (13.5 KB)

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