The Salesman Mini Messages Episode 1


Nice Job Sean!

Sean loves questions, email any questions you would like answered on the show to [email protected]

Sean’s Credentials

Salesman to the Northeasts largest window cleaning operation. Sean has successfully signed to contract thousands of commercial contracts.

Currently Sean is taking a mini break from commercial account acquisition. He is spending the bulk of his time pursuing rain flow instillation contracts. He will be back to the commercial store front work right after the holidays.

As someone who lets the word NO get me down, I found this video to be an uplifting kick in the arse. Thanks Sean!

I love hearing the word “NO”

Makes you just want to try harder and maybe even bump up your prices to the next victim…

Dude, a FDR reference right out of the gate? Gutsy move man! Great stuff Sean!

Thanks for the pep talk.

Just (hesitantly) watched that first video and I just want to thank everyone that commented and all those that watched. I typically find myself to be a confident person but it was nerve racking and took quite a while to get it all together (just ask Alex, I believe he was upstairs watching my box set of [I]Band of Brothers,[I] and may have made it through a few episodes waiting for me to finish). As you can see from the few cuts in the video there were a few takes but I wanted to lead off with something that had some substance. If anyone has any topics they’d like me to cover in future (hopefully smoother) episodes, simply PM me or email me at [email protected].

Thanks all!!

Don’t worry about the cuts. The message came through in the end!:slight_smile:

Thanks for the vid!

This is why I love this forum. Great advice .Great ppl. Honest ppl. It takes a lot of gonads to step out of your comfort zone and do something new. Sean I would like to say great video. Yeah you were a little on the nervous side. But the message still came thru. THat is the great thing about this this group. When someone steps outside that zone with a new video or whatever. Even a question they may be be a little apprehensive to ask. you get real answers from honest guys. I have been on many sites that bash ppl when they ask questions. Especially new guys and gals. That doesnt happen here (much) . :eek:

I feel for ya Sean - I hate being on video :o

You just did it, can only get easier from now on :slight_smile:

Thanks Karl!!

I know that now! The first videos were so much easier having imbibed some libations whilst being flanked by my good friends, Chris and Alex. I feel much better about it now and look forward to the weekly installments from here on out!

Above all, make sure there’s nothing hanging out of your nose.

Crafty word-smithing. :smiley:

I often use the word Libation
I often must explain it to the server.


Thanks guys!! I really appreciate all the positive feedback! It means a lot to me!