The Simpole in Atlanta

Shot this video in Atlanta at the IWCA indoor water fed pole demo.


That pole looks like a piece of crap.

That brush looks like a auto detailers brush you can buy at home depot.

if that wfp is soooooo great, ha come RHG does not carry it?

Don’t beat around the bush - say what you think :rolleyes:


Karl, you know i dont beat arounf the bush…

It’s funny that as he mentioned his favorite features of the pole were it’s light weight and it’s stiffness.

I tried these poles in Atlanta and I would say it was both heavier and flexier than a Tucker pole. Just my observation. I found the Gardiner poles to be the poles that shined in those two areas, even over Exel.

I will say that the Simpole is indestructible. It really is a tough pole. Durability is where it seemed to really shine. But since the functionality is so hampered by the reasons stated above, I think durability is a non-issue.

I can see how a company that does a lot of small commercial or large residential with a lot of crews could use this…the fact that it’s indestructible is a good thing to have when “new guy” is wfp’ing.

I guess I could see that, but at any height I would sincerely worry about a “newbie” slamming that heavy, flexy pole in an uncontrolled way into a window that results in me replacing glass. I would think a stiffer, lighter (granted maybe not a gardiner) pole would be an easier way for a guy to learn on. Although, when treated properly a wfp doesn’t really see much strain to cause it to break.

Now if my guys are being reckless with my tools, durability isn’t the real issue in my mind…