The Sleeplessness Begins

I know the season is winding and down and ultimately the year is over once I can’t sleep. Maybe it’s anxiety about the winter - the upcoming 2012 season - everything I have to get done before next season etc. I started noticing this a couple years ago. Anyone else ever have this?

Wow - thought I was alone on this issue. I have noticed that if I do not work a full day of manual labor, then I usually cannot sleep at night. Or I finally fall asleep in the early morning hours. I have even stayed up all day and all night so that I can sleep well the next night.

Manual labor is what I used to attribute it to at the end of the season but I haven’t been in the field much at all this season. Obviously when I am on a job all day I sleep like a rock. I think my issues now are more about the preparation for next season.

Hey Mr. Clear…
I think it’s being an Eastern Sea Boarder, and an ICE-MAN Dormy…
Move to the West Coast…Sweet !


I got hit with it too, had a week off last week and although I have plenty to do, I was tweeking a bit not being active and mobile like I am every day while cleaning.

Season is officially over, although I have a few here-and-there jobs over the winter and am expecting at least a few calls to come in. I know I have enough money to get through the winter, and I have plenty of back-office and music work to keep me occupied, but I’m still a big ball of nerves.

EDIT: The real funny part is that I had a large 1.5 day job on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I could not be happier to be slinging squeegees in the cold. If I could work year round without having to sell storefront, I would!

I sleep pretty well most all of the time. I guess I’m pretty fortunate.
Being anxious can’t add one cubit to my lifespan.

Actually Mr. Live…

This is what happens at the start or of middle age !

Old Man Dange

I’m reading Matt’s statement as “now that the season is over I am thinking all about what needs/can be/want to get done and its keeping me awake.”

If I’m on the right track, so much to do/be done/ want to get done and not enough time, look at that, it’s “already” as good as spring!

That’s a good interpretation Bruce. Before when I was on every job or on half of the jobs we did my body was used to running 100mph - the sudden stop at the end of the season made it hard to sleep with out being physically exhausted.

Now it’s more preparation and anxiety of how to top this year next year, how to solve my key frustrations, new hires, etc. It feels like Spring is closing in already - I felt like I stopped working on 2011 a month and a half ago or so and started working on what direction we need to go in in 2012. Now that those decisions are made its getting those things in place to put those plans into action for the Spring.

Lots of work to do.

Make a schedule of the things you need to get done. Make it a realistic one. Work on the schedule and check off the items when completed. Look at the schedule each day and notice what you have completed. See your progress and know that you can complete the tasks that you need to by your goal date.

Do this and get at least 30 min of aerobic exercise each day and you will again sleep well.

I really like what Randy just said. Write down the things you need done and make them realistic. I also think exercising is huge! I wake up every morning at 4:30 to exercise before work. After working all day, I sleep like a baby at night

Chad Provost

There are benefits to anxiety as well, such as the survival instinct. Just read an interesting article in Time magazine (12/5/11 edition cover story) on the two sides.

One just needs to find the sweet-spot where increased performance drops off prior to overload.

Practice relaxation techniques prior to bedtime, in the same way you do for your kids.

you mean you cant sleep as way of saying your a little worried about next years work. and wether the customers are going to phone or your going to make as much money as this year to cover your over heads and credit… great thing about winter is if your work is dying down you can deliver loads of flyers. if you need more work… other wise i would see the slow down as a great way to recuperate for the stresses that await you in march… no doubt about it this job is bloody hard… and it just seems to get harder . because you get more customers and have to work harder. and make decisions on quality to save extra energy for the extra work load. this where clever working systems and experience come in . the right tools the right system and just enough energy expanded to keep the customers happy and loyal .

One thing is for sure . if your a seasonal window cleaner make sure you if you can save the extra money for the winter when it comes, to offset this anxiety… to cover your over heads so you can stay clear of social security or unemployment benefit.

Yes having the funds is nice, and some time off but I like having work, a week of halo playing and then i get bored…

Just remember: you’re a successful business owner who has proven to have made sound and profitable decisions. You did it before and can do it again.

I agree with this, and that knowledge does help to some degree.

To me the off-season sometimes feels like the night before the start of a huge, must-win football game. I am super, super competitive and the night before a big game I would always keep myself up all night… just a big ball of nervous excitement. Once you’re actually on the field (in this case, March comes) you immediately settle into your groove. But leading up to it is so much anticipation it’s like a natural high.

that’s some serious discipline

If I set the clock for 430, I would hit the snooze button so much the clock would just give up

It’s in the 70’s here this week, and I got 5 residential jobs to do tomorrow. You gotta’ love Arizona.

my snooze button threatened to call the cops on me, if I hit it one more time.

For those whose season drops off completely (except storefront) like mine does - it feels like every winter you are starting your business over again.

I have set goals to get by, plus believe it or not we are still cleaning some gutters when the temps allow. But mainly this winter my main goal is finishing off my basement. Framing, plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, you name it…