The Sound of Fabricating Debris Part 2

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I love your last line!

Its so true…kinda dumb, although I suppose bad glass is EVERYWHERE.

Interesting that despite GANA’s seemingly stalwart authoritative position, that when I did that CCU job for the billion dollar (yup, thats 9 zeros) glass and construction company (, that the project manager signed the waiver in a heartbeat, acknowledging openly that it was standard (insert “acceptable”) procedure.


Interesting video! I too have one of those tempered pieces handed out at the Arch tour during the Mesa/IWCA conv.

On another note bear into mind that we cant expect “perfect glass” but rather an “acceptable level” of fabricating debris on any heat treated glass.

At least with talking to Dan on several occasions that’s more or less what he said. It’s awful hard to have any heat treated glass without some degree of fabricating debris ie:fused on glass fines.

I’ve seen it on some of the better fabricators glass as well as the others who just don’t take pride in the process and the glass is just peppered.

Now…in a perfect world maybe but…for the time being I’m happy with minimal amounts. Of course this whole sticker issue is yet another debacle that will backfire partly because we all know its a ploy to cover up those less then desirable fabricators.

This is such a hot topic in the States.

Yet in the UK, you very rarely hear about it. I wonder if the glass is different or if UK window cleaners are just not aware of the problem.

It may be that those of you in the UK are not plagued with poor quality heat treated glass? If that is the case your truly blessed! Then again…maybe those that deal with post construction clean-ups over there have experienced it?

I know with straight residential cleans (over there) most are done with “pure water” therefore…it wouldn’t be much of an issue.Now…in the event a scraper ever has to be used for traditional methods would surely be a tell tale sign whether or not it is indeed an issue?

I know Martin Warman down in Dorset, UK has a lot of scratched glass problems. I see it here in Spain too. I promote it more & more on the UK forums, especially on construction cleans. I also find that a few have already been bitten & are also saying get the waiver signed. I’m yet to go the whole hog & ask for a waiver for every clean, but I usually issue it when in doubt. My estimates when I walk round with the homeowner or property management agents usually turn to me talking about the scratch problems. I usually send them to Dan or Garys homepage by email if they can’t get their head round it. I find German glass probably the best out there, but I’ve even seen FD on this.

Glass is getting worse…and I’m not going to be the scape-goat.

I’d be curious to know some of the German fabricators “names” just for reference?

Also…other then that are you yourself experiencing much in the way of fabricating debris on other types of heat treated glass?

The only company here actively importing into Mallorca (I don’t know about the mainland) are Weru. Some german glaziers here are also importing generic glass from Germay, only to find they have bought it in the UK! Tempered glass always has its defects - hardly any exception. But TG is usually only installed for shop doors, safety enclosures & the shower screens - which I rarely clean.
No, not much fabricating debris on the others, just generally mottled, ingrained fragments & chips. I have even used a scraper on low-e (with a waiver) & no problems at all. I also heard on another forum it was done, with no apparent scarring. I follow the carpet cleaners lead in all cases - test spot in an inconspicuous area.

I had a look around a few new builds when i was back in Ireland over the holidays and every house I looked at had scratches all over the windows. I don’t know if it was fab debris or not as I ddin’t have enough time to inspect them closely, I mentioned it to a contractor friend of mine back there and he said " thats why they buy curtains"

That might have been a “golden opportunity” to direct your builder friend to either the IWCA OR AUWC website to download a copy of either fabricating debris bulletins?

The ol curtain cope out:D gotta love it!!